@tomasino FINALLY got around to a second Shin-Salyut 6 post at I noticed in the MOTD that you are running fingerd, and allowing remote access - excellent to see! Totally unaware of this, I recently began pushing for a finger revival within Circumlunar Space. I've been hacking on a tool to help turn finger and other traditional unix social tools into a more integrated experience. If you're interested, I will drop you a line v. soon about testing it at c.v?

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@solderpunk please do! I'd love to customize the finger experience and make it more cosmic specific. I'm not sure "how" yet though

@tomasino Which fingerd are you running? Some of them let you add headers/footers around the standard output. They're called cfingerd and efingerd in the Debian repos, I imagine Ubuntu is similar. I'm not using them myself, but have skimmed the docs.

@solderpunk umm... I think I just apt installed fingerd. I'll have to look!

@solderpunk well, now i'm running efingerd and it's awesome! .efingerd script in home folder and you're done. Amazing.

@tomasino Hurray! I will use you as a test case in adding remote users to my "friends list" in this tool I'm working on - which I've given the working name "Shining Finger" in the grand pubnix tradition of anime references, but which will become something far less silly before too long.

Are you averse to installing Lua and a few widely-known/used libs at

@solderpunk i'll install anything that'll help the cause. :) I'm patching special "users" you can finger to common shell scripts we use on cosmic, too. So you'll soon be able to get a list of the latest posts by finger and so on

@tomasino Great! Once this thing is in a gitpher repo (maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow) I'll let you know and you can clone it and see if it works.

@solderpunk you can now finger users like so:


If the user hasn't set up their handler, it'll show a message like alexis. Skel has the response like I'm using, so all future users will have an easy time.


finger # working on this one now

@tomasino @solderpunk whoa, efingerd is really neat! gonna play with it a bit

@tomasino radical. i was trying to hack around fingerd to do custom output and kinda had it working but it was so insecure i didn't want to leave it online hahaha, this is going to be so much easier... i'm kinda embarrassed i didn't even think to look for a better finger daemon tho ahaha

@cat you and me both. Thank goodness for solderpunk

@cat @tomasino Awesome, let me know when you have it up and running and I will start using you to further test remote user support in my `fellowsh` tool (which you can expect an announcement about on gopher sometime soon).

Obviously, your $HOME is your castle, but I gently urge not customising the crap out of your finger output. Host-specific headers and footers are fine, but without standard hooks like "Name:" or "Plan:", it's hard to scrape and aggregate.

@solderpunk @tomasino give a look, it's pretty simple but formatted a bit tidier than default finger

@solderpunk @cat @tomasino I added some custom stuff but kept the standard hooks. If you try finger, does it work with fellowsh?

@julienxx @solderpunk @cat stuff shows up for me! :) I'm not sure how my .plan and .project parsing work with my finger output. Look good to you?

@tomasino @julienxx I owe you both emails about setting up email interchange with circumlunar colonies! I hope to send these tomorrow. I've got everything figured out on my side now, with email interchange with SDF working as proof of concept.

@julienxx @cat @tomasino Yes, fellowsh is extracting your .plan correctly! Welcome to the finger revival!

@cat @tomasino If the whole thing takes off (people running fingerd and people using fellowsh) we should probably all have a nice discussion about some kind of vague standard, so that people who want to participate in a social network-esque thing built around this know what they should include.

@solderpunk @tomasino yeah definitely, especially with things like efingerd where just about any output is possible

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