Awwww fuck, just deleted the entire contents of /etc/postfix after an unexpected tab completion result turned `rm foo*` into `rm foo *`. No, it hasn't been backed up since major changes. Yes, I suck. Argh!

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@pkotrcka More like: new year, new daily automated backup regimen!

@solderpunk backups are for losers.. it holds you back.. and up..

@dokuja By some miracle, I had `cat`ed the most intricate file recently enough that it was still in my terminal's scrollback buffer, and I was able to copy and paste it back. The other stuff either hadn't changed since my recent backup, or was easy enough to recreate. Just testing things now. SDF being down isn't helping, though.

@dokuja Ah, I see you're logged in, I'm going to send you a test mail in a second, please reply if you get it.

@dokuja Got it, cheers! Waiting to hear back from slugmax@republic, but mail exchange with SDF is working fine so I think we're good.

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