Hey nerds, we're gettin' the band back together! No, wait, that's not right. We're bringin' finger back! The pubnix world has brought port 70 back from the brink of death, maybe we can do the same with port 79? I'm writing a tool and @cat, @tomasino and @julienxx have setup fingerds on their servers. Join the party! gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.

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@solderpunk has fingerd up and running as well. @tomasino has prodded me to switch from fingerd to efingerd, which i'll probably get around to this weekend.

@ben @tomasino Fantastic! Fellowsh is successfully parsing out your login status and times.

@solderpunk @cat @tomasino @julienxx you say it like gopher or finger were ever gone! I use finger daily for weather :-)

@solderpunk finger

It's in top-level menu of my gopherhole, btw.

@logout @solderpunk Neat, has a few functions over finger.
@logout @solderpunk oh, I don't get anything back from news@ , time@ , or date@...

@dokuja @solderpunk probably time to report it, although I don't know if that ever worked - I always used only the weather.

@logout @solderpunk I saw the contact email address. I'll send a note.

Great idea.. I think I'll get fingerd setup on yourtilde as well :)

@cat @tomasino @julienxx

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