@cat finger answers in Fahrenheit? What the bloody hell, mate?!

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@solderpunk i know i know hahaha, i think it's because is on a VPS in the States

@cat Aaaah. You can't give some argument to whatever you're using to get the data, to specify Melbourne?

@solderpunk maybe! but i've been trying to level up my sed skills so i'm gonna try fixing it that way, get it to return both 💪

@solderpunk ended up slacking it and found the option to specify it, and found a bunch more options to cut my script right down. kinda wish i'd checked first but DIY was a good learning experience; now all the script has to do is remove the color codes and replace the unicode arrows with N/NE/E etc. 💪

@solderpunk @cat The only excuse for using numbers in combination with the surname of Fahrenheit are 451.

@gemlog @solderpunk @cat I propose we change its name to something simpler, like "(212-32)-igrade." Yes, I'm a genius. You're welcome.

@gemlog @solderpunk @cat True story: Even though I am on the "gay" end of the spectrum, I dated a trans girl named Jenny. But that wasn't her number. Either way, I actually have a T-shirt with "867-5309" on it. It's a test. People who know, know.

@xmanmonk @solderpunk @cat No way!
That makes me unreasonably happy to know that.
I love your t-shirt!

@gemlog @solderpunk @cat I don't have any pictures left of Jenny, which is sad because people were quite jealous of me when I was with her. However, I still have the shirt, and I will try to remember to take a picture of it next time it reaches the top of the shirt drawer.

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