@tomasino Thanks for the phlog post on pimping up VF-1! I'll see if I can make the handlers robust to pipelines - it would certainly be nice if that worked. For the record, there is in fact support for "pretty colors by types or anything sweet like that". Courtesy of tfurrows, if you `set color_menus true`, you'll get menu items colored according to their item type. No idea what will happen if you use this in conjunction with lolcat...

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@solderpunk oooh, perfect. It shows me lolcat first, but when i hit "enter" to start showing the summary of links, then they come through with item type coloring. This is fantastic. You're the man.

@tomasino The next release of VF-1 (hopefully out this month sometime!) will support pipelines as handlers so little helper scripts will be unnecessary. Thanks for flagging this issue!

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