Hanging out in the forest after a bike ride, listening to Swedish spacerock, gorging on cheap liquorice and reading old green anarchist zines. 👌


@royniang Sure is! Runs off a single rechargeable AA, and I "upload" music from anything with a 3.5mm analogue output. It will not become obsolete or unusable until it physically breaks.

@solderpunk don’t you need a blank MD? They still make them?

@royniang They don't, but there are many, many of them on eBay, etc. Unopened ones, or ones with interesting designs on them, can be expensive because people target collectors, but if you are not fussy you can get them for around 3EUR each. They can be re-recorded on millions of times with no degradation of sound quality, and you can delete individual tracks, change track order, etc. I bought 10 of them and feel like I'm set for life.

@solderpunk @royniang how many songs can you get on a disc? Too expensive for me at the time, so I missed the boat.

@polishdub @royniang Most disks are 74 minutes, some are 80, however later generation recorders (like mine) can record in "LP2" mode, which doubles the capacity (so, about 2.5 hours) with a minor decrease in quality by doing more aggressive compression (using an early psychoacoustic compression scheme, pre-mp3), or in "LP4" mode, which quadruples it (so, about 5 hours) with a further decrease in quality. To be honest, I cannot hear any difference between the three recording modes, so I never use the maximum quality "SP" mode. I am sure some audiophiles would insist they can tell them apart, but for "normal people", with typical quality headphones, and especially for use on e.g. public transport or in an office with background noise, it's definitely possible to get multiple hours of music on a single disc.

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