@solderpunk I was just exploring gemini and read a few of your posts on sustainability and computing and I absolutely love them and agree with you. I was very happy to see these opinions shared somewhere.

Just wanted to tell you this as feedback for your efforts. I will definitely be sharing this around because peoples' love for technology often blinds them to the catastrophy that is manufacturing these electronics. Just thank you and I look forward to seeing you around more :)

@unicorn Thanks for the positive feedback! Please stay tuned. I expect to make the relationship between technology and environmentalism, and developing some kind of consistent, well-reasoned personal "code of conduct" in response, one of my main reading and writing projects for the near term future.

@solderpunk I am looking forward to it!

Also generally wanted to say that you are great at writing. You write very clearly and reasonablely without some of the toxic elements like sarcasm and ridicule that I frequently see in these circles, even among people that I otherewise completely agree with. It makes your writing more pleasant to read and more friendly to people who are new to all this, so I appreciate your effort :)


@unicorn Thanks, I really appreciate these kind words. :)

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