Easiest NaNoGenMo idea ever: the story of a long solo sailing voyage. All you need to do is randomly generate weather reports for each day, randomly generate a number of miles covered since yesterday, randomly sample some birds or sealife that were seen, and finally use a Markov chain to generate a small burst of impenetrable sailing jargon; "I gybed the mizzen rigging to tack the doldrums"! 50k words, easy!

@solderpunk every ten days or so, u gotta remember to generate a bit about some part of the boat breaking

@solderpunk While I'm not participating in NaNoGenMo, I will probably steal this idea for a Mastodon bot somwhere down the line :D

@tomasino ...that's actually a real fun idea! But then, I thought that about the Shin-Salyut idea and abandoned it after one or two posts...

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