Remember a few weeks ago when I asked a ridiculously vague question about an album that I remembered almost nothing about?

It was "In a Model Room" by P-Model!

Thanks for nothing, Fediverse :p

I know whatcha thinking.

You're gonna nuke me.

Well, I got two words for ya:

Bite. Me.

Tune in to at 1800 UTC tonight (just under 12 hours away) to hear parts of the 1971 noiseish ambient electronic album Cluster ( Because if there's one thing needs, it's some electronic music that you absolutely, positively cannot dance to.

Half Hour of Power is on its last legs and I am abandoning all pretense of any kind of even loose genre theme! Tune in to at 1800 UTC tonight and dance the GITSHHOP! I'll be playing a selection of tracks from different Ghost in The Shell soundtracks.

Attention fans of vintage electronic music! Tune in to at 1800 UTC tonight for Half Hour of Power. I will be streaming nearly all of Romano Musumarra and Claudio Gizzi's 1978 album "Automat". Cult classic monophonic analog goodness!

Winter wonderland! Judging from the total lack of footprints in the snow that fell last night, I was the only person to visit this forest today. What gives, people?!

When you definitely don't want some boring pedestrian dishwashing experience, but you're not down for anything *really* dangerous...

Got treated to quite a bit better than "briefly a little bit sunny" today!

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