@snowdusk_ This is great news, snowdusk! You definitely deserve this. Have a lot of fun with it. :)

@sparcipx Oh man, I haven't heard the phrase "Cult of the Dead Cow" in, like, 15 years or something!

Only takes one obnoxious cunt with a subwoofer to make me wish transistors had never been invented.

@ckeen @gcupc @rain Yeah, Gophernicus definitely does this! For example, my Franken-Peugeot bicycle project log and my Half Hour of Power playlist archive (not updated in months, bad me) are both just directories of text files with no gophermaps. Try it out at your Republic gopherhole!

@dokuja @gcupc @rain Glad to hear it. I find this line of thought fascinating and I want to follow it wherever it leads me, but I'm also very wary of the fact that a lot of people find it either very disinteresting or are semi-actively opposed to it happening at all. More than anything I don't want to create a rift in the gopher community. I am also trying very hard to avoid becoming the guy who only phlogs about gopher.

@rain @gcupc In fixing this, I realised I missed my second phlog anniversary last month!

@rain @gcupc Very glad you both enjoyed it! For some reason I was worried it would upset people. Perhaps it still will!

@rain @gcupc Whoops! Nice catch, thank you! It's been fixed. Not really a bug, just me carelessly copying last year's "Circumlunar updates" gophermap line when creating the "Circumlunar updates II" line and forgetting to change the year - then creating each new line by copying the previous top line. My gopherhole is an entirely manual affair.

@wion @kensanata Glad you enjoyed reading it! This is only my second year having one. I don't they're terribly common in Australia, probably because it's very common to have enough backyard space of your own. I think doing it at your home if it's possible would be preferable in just about every way.

@logout Ah, so your comment was about Python's readability, then? Do you consider that a positive or negative feature?

@logout What do you mean, exactly, with the BASIC comparison? BASIC is famous for encouraging unmaintainable, unstructured spaghetti code. I don't think that's a trait of Python.

The Zaibatsu has been dethroned! The Great Gophernicus Server Uptime Leaderboard (gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.) is now topped by tilde.land - which has been up for OVER THREE YEARS! Serving an average of 126 KB per day, or approximately 1.5 bytes per second. Via IPv6, too!

@kensanata This now works in the latest version in the GitHub repo. Well, actually it says "ERROR: Connection refused!". I guess that's a random IPv6 address you chose and not your own gopher server like I expected? Anyway, it is correctly interpreted as an IPv6 address. I tested it using the address of cosmic.voyage and it worked as expected.

@tomasino Ah, I wasn't aware of the Black Mirror case. I've heard of this sort of thing regarding trademarks before, I didn't think it applied to copyright too? Regardless, it's kind of sad to think the courts could be so easily fooled by a sudden surge of trivial lawsuits immediately after one major one.

@tomasino This sucks, massively, and I'm sorry to hear it. A terrible move on their part, IMHO - I literally had no idea ChooseCo existed, I had just assumed those books were abandonware by now. They are indelibly linked in my mind with stomping on the harmless, non-profit fun of, what, a couple dozen people? If they'd just asked you to plug their website occasionally instead, it could have been a small net benefit for them. Petty minds.

@erxeto I really appreciate you maintaining that port!

@kensanata No worries, and no rush. I'll hack on it a little more and once both the code and my understanding of the problem become clearer I'll either answer your questions or ask for help more specifically. Enjoy dinner!

@tomasino @ben It's working! There's actually currently no way to tell, as an end user (most of whom I figure don't care), I added a debugging print() to check cosmic.voyage just now. This will improve, though, I'm adding a "flight recorder" right now which will let you dump all kinds of stats on your current session, including how many IPv4 and IPv6 connections have been made, so you'll be able to tell in future.

@kensanata Yes! It works already under extremely narrow conditions. urllib's urlparse function claims to work with proper IPv6 URLs (where the IP is wrapped in []s so the :s aren't confused for host:port separators), but from my brief attempts so far it actually doesn't? I have a rough and ready manual solution in there, but your IPv6 address will need a :: before it is recognised as such. So, it works much better with AAAA. Help welcome1

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