@vfrmedia Happy Birthday! I've always thought those brass Kaweco Sports look really fantastic, I hope it serves you for a nice long time.

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Public disgrace: 82% of EU govt websites stalked by Google adtech cookies – report • The Register

Adtech trackers were found on 25 of the 28 member states' sites, with only Spain, Germany and the Netherlands clean of commercial cookies. There were 52 companies identified on France's government sites, 27 on Latvia's and 19 on Belgium's. Twenty cookies were identified on GOV.UK, of which 12 were marketing, and all belonged to one company – Google.


@xj9 Fair enough. This seems to be (slowly) working for solarpunk, anyway, which as far as I could tell was for many years just a fiction genre that nobody had actually written any fiction in yet.

Let me know when you've written your manifesto!

@xj9 Sempai! This is not the first time you have referenced techno-primitivism. Every time you do my interest is piqued, but whenever I search for it, even when stooping to using Google, I never find anything but literary criticism jibberish or music reviews - never anything remotely concerned with politics, economics, environmentalism, philosophy, etc. Is this an actual coherent position you subscribe to or just some kind of lolz meme pisstake thing?

@skynebula Thanks. Glad to see they don't have a lot of followers on Twitter!

@skynebula Wow, that banner is legitimately horrifying. I can't believe how brazen it is. Who is that on stage, and/or who do they work for?

@cat I am a big fan of this new direction! Thanks to the first episode of I was checking out stuff tagged as dungeon synth on Bandcamp and discovered the "Realms of Magickal Sorrow" ablum by Old Sorcery. Holy crap, it's amazing! Some wonderful old school sequencer work in there. And the artist is from Finland, no less!

@xj9 (reads up on BATMAN) Sempai knows about all the real cool shit!

@cosullivan I'm going to be away on the 13th, so no show then, but do listen in on the 20th if you can. ❤

@kensanata @solene I look forward to seeing your results when I get back from Finnish Lapland. :)

@xj9 @julienxx @kensanata @erkin A similar thing can be done with Tor, and some people (including me!) do also run their gopher server as a Tor hidden service, which lets people access it securely using standard clients.

@xj9 @julienxx @kensanata @erkin STARTTLS does seem like a cleaner option for bolting encryption onto an old protocol like Gopher.

@kragen @15F9 @jynx VF-1 will let you set an arbitrary third party program as a "handler" for plain text content. You could use, for example, `par` or `fmt` or any other similar tool with appropriate options to reflow the text to however many columns you like. It would make dog's breakfast of ASCII art and stuff like that, but if you just want to read phlogs it should work just fine.

@erkin @kensanata @julienxx Hmm. It seems to me that a big problem with doing this on port 70 is that there is no way for a server to support both TLS and non-TLS access at the same time. A choice has to be made, and thus the growth of crypto-gopher comes at the direct cost of the decline of clear-gopher, which is a shame for e.g. users of old machines. Allowing both to co-exist side by side would be preferable, IMHO.

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Give him the stick

@cosullivan It's pooooooooossible (no promises!) that I jumped the gun on predicting the impending death of HHoP. I have a crazy scheme which bring it back to life. But in the mean time, I will listen to and carefully consider this exactly-the-right-length piece. Thank you!

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