@coffe I'm enjoying it a lot! This is only my second winter here, and thus far I heartily approve.

@coffe Good eye, greetings from Finland! It's been quite snowy even down South so far this year, and supposedly there is more to come.

@cat There's so much of it, I briefly forgot about mankind's ability to generate elctricity!

@cat In this vein - if you try to Google "current time in <city>", it *always* auto-completes to "current time in <city> right now", which makes me want to kill myself.

@cat I am finally listening to a Soft Ash! First one minute and ten seconds sounds great.

@cat @logomancer @PinkCathodeCat Let their hatred fuel your production of high-quality gopher-exclusive content! The fuckers'll never know what they're missing.

@slackz Emojis in gopher?!?! I have complex feelings about this. But, on the whole, I enthusiastically support the development of new gopher software. Let me know when the client is ready for early public consumption, please. I'll install it at the Zaibatsu and we'll kick the tyres.

@zlg Not until Wednesday the 30th of Jan, as I'll be travelling next week. The audience in this case is regular listeners to Dubious Goals Committee.

Recorded the next episode of Half Hour of Power today. It is an elaborate aNONradio in-joke which, if I'm lucky, approximately five people on the planet will think is funny. Time well spent.

@logout @papa @jynx I run Debian stable precisely because I never want to update anything ever. I will begrudgingly update for security and that's it. I honestly don't remember the last time any piece of software I use got a new feature that I cared about, and there are no major bugs that trouble me day-to-day. The software stack for basic, common-sense, everyday computing should have just been "finished" a decade ago.

@pkotrcka @galaxis @leeb Something tells me that Finland is pretty likely to have some strong regulations about this. I will need to investigate.

@snowdusk_ @staticsafe So glad you got some new gear after having to part with your older stuff! Looking forward to hearing the difference on IGWM. ;)

@leeb @pkotrcka I've been meaning to ask, actually: what do you guys do about responsibly disposing of used chemicals after developing?

@cat Jeepers, creepers! Where'd you get them peepers?

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