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The Mare Tranquilitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu ( is now home to 32 sundogs. That's a good number for us, so: we're full. Where do you get free gopher hosting and shell access now? From the Mare Serenitatis Circumlunar Corporate Republic (! The Republic is an independently administered server, tightly interconnected with the Zaibatsu. They're like Mastodon instances for pubnix - join one, interact equally with folks on either.

It took me way longer than it should have to realise that has a user named dog and a user named @cat. This makes me way happier than it reasonably should. We have room for one more user, anybody want to be mouse? :p

Ain't no school like the Berlin school! Tune in to at 1800 UTC (about an hour from now) to hear almost the entirety of Tangerine Dream's 1975 album Rubycon. Close your eyes and enjoy a mind-expanding analogue cosmic voyage...or, instead, use this as an ideal soundtrack for half an hour of reading collaborative, episodic science fiction over an antique internet protocol at where else than gopher://! -step-sequencer-no-life

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Cray-1B, serial number 1, rebuilt for the recent SC18 conference.
Timelapse video:
The machine was on loan from the Chippewa Computer Museum. Originally installed at Los Alamos but returned to Cray: "When Serial 1 showed up in Los Alamos in 1976 it wouldn’t run for more than a few minutes yet it would run for hours in Minnesota. Turns out there was no memory protection and cosmic events at Los Alamos altitude were different enough from Minnesota."
#cray #retrocomputing

Half Hour of Power episode 32 (special "holy shit, prepared with literally seconds to spare after getting home late from a pikkujoulu" edition) is streaming on RIGHT NOW! Winter themed AY/YM goodness and chilled out ambient FM stuff, come get some.

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Most civillised nations: "Our postal system is designed around the guiding principle of sending your stuff to the same building that you live in!"

Finland: "We dumped your shit in some random supermarket within a 10km radius of your house, go pick it up your damn self. No, it's not the same supermarket as last time, how lazy are you?"

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Tune in to at 1800 UTC tonight (2 hours, 40 minutes from this toot!) for episode 31 of Half Hour of Power! Getting back to my roots a little in this show, almost every track is pure chip. Quite a bit of FM stuff, but also AY, ZX beeper and NES. Be there AND be square!

@tomasino is fantastic! I'm so excited to see how it develops. Kudos and thanks for bringing something great into gopherspace!

First snowfall of the season! Time to practice my "neurologically impaired penguin" shuffle again.

You know those guitars that are, like, double guitars?

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Just gopher'd. Go have a look at it or I'll tickle you until you cry gopher://

Heading to away for work for the rest of the week. I don't have my Mastodon credentials saved on my work laptop, so this account will be quiet for the duration. I *will* have access to the Zaibatsu and SDF, so you can contact me in the other usual ways.

The gopher service of the Mare Tranquilitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu's is now accessible as a Tor Onion Service at gopher://bztf2mno3tpwrqop.onio! At least, I'm pretty sure it is. If any keen out there would like to test this and verify, I'd be very happy to hear about it.

I guess is, technically, a list of frequently asked questions, but I think traditionally the list is supposed to contain answers too?

When you definitely don't want some boring pedestrian dishwashing experience, but you're not down for anything *really* dangerous...

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