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if your posts are bad on purpose you can call it lo-fi

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THIS is MY profile, if you're OFFENDED by something i SAY, i am SORRY and will DELETE it IMMEDIATELY

a part of my experience of being trans is wanting to defederate from my balls. the surgery they did on a grape was to practice for my balls which are a way smaller instance.

it's come to my attention there are two problematic members on my balls, and i suggest we defederate immediately with the swift merciless kick of a wronged mule, thanks

is she, you know... *does the universally understood hand signal for hot and funny* like katarzyna?

yeah im autistic

Ample leg room

Under seat inflatable lifejacket

Tray for food consumption

Insulated headrest

Stable, moveable, arm rests

Take your bag with you

Incredibly easy to use seatbelts


So signal is having technical difficulties due to user influx. Signal didn't want to decentralize because it wanted to be able to continue to provide a reliable exoerience. Yet here they are unable to provide a reliable experience BECAUSE they are centralized.


wonder how the ppl in the picture wikipedia uses for "human" are doing rn

in approximately five billion years, sol will exit its main sequence and begin its transformation into a red giant (or "large adult sun")

let's start with a poem i wrote you:

big and scary
evil people
Big Dairy


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grinding chess to get my logic bar up, after that i should be able to return to coding

if you are running an instance i think you should consider locked or invite only registration because fascists are looking for platforms right now

URGENT Black Trans fundraising, rape 

My Black Trans friend is experiencing abuse & transphobia from their family while caretaking their sick grandma. Their family keeps trying to make them forgive their rapist, their uncle. Yt roomies say their oppression takes up 2 much space & w/out consent, roomies moved some1 in


Urgently seeking safe, secure housing & ongoing $$$ supports, $7500+

Venmo @TaiCK
I’m redistributing funds to keep their privacy

shouting my podcast out of my bedroom window for my neighbours to enjoy

honey why is there a girl at the door insisting she's my girlfriend? you... you did what!? you joined antifa and... and... i, your wife of fifty years have to be gay now!?!?

like and share if a loved one did this to you on #JoinAntifaDay last week :(


congratulations to Parler on their rapid move to serverless!


The fact that the pelt man from the Trump demo is being legitimised and fawned over by the media is fucked.

He's a dude with a Viking helmet and a pelt.


The whole world is looking on and is really just flabbergasted

Just got a Community Guidelines strike on YouTube for talking about NewPipe. The free and open source video player. Sigh...

elon musk being the richest man in the world really is proof that the economy runs on vibes and nothing else huh

people tell me this constantly. they call me at all hours saying 'mr trump, sir, you truly are the throat goat'. and i say 'yes. i know'. and i hang up on them

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