dawn dish soap is $0.17/oz
softsoap hand soap is $0.13/oz

HOWEVER, dish soap is significantly more dense than hand soap, meaning a much smaller amount is needed to wash ur hands. i dont have a scale with me but lets assume that the amount of dish soap u need to wash ur hands is 1/10 the amount of hand soap u need to wash the same hands (i bet its even lower!).

this means that dish soap provides 10x more hand washes per fluid ounce than hand soap!


waste of money!

buy dish soap instead and squirt less on ur hands!

i rest my case.

@sose yeeeep i always buy a big thing of dawn, and also use it as body wash because?? anti bacterial?? v good for my face

@DrSagan incredible. dish soap can do absolutely anything, honestly no household should ever have more than one surfactant.

@sose this is like my childhood's math problem from hell mixed with my adulthood's capitalism from hell

@sose Decent idea, but the degreasing agents in dish soap are going to destroy the oils in your skin. Dish soap + lotion doesn't sound less expensive.

@dl COUNTERPOINT: i have been washing my hands with dish soap for the last 3 months and my hands are like silk

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