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Time to introduce myself to I'm 35. Freelancer, working from home for the last 10 years (mostly on WordPress and PHP). I'm Linux user for more than that, but never learned it properly. I play a lot of games. Usually on Xbox.

And I'm not good in introductions 😂

I should eat some breakfast. Two doughnuts won't do much good for me.

Soon my kids will go back to school. On one hand I'm worried - COVID is not over here in Ireland. On other, I miss enforced daily routine.

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Much as I like a lot of Aral Balkan's rhetoric, and rewatching him discuss the sad state of modern browsers, I just end up reflecting back to arguing with him regarding JavaScript.

He, like some others I've heard, think we need JS to build peer-to-peer technologies ontop of.

I envy you for not digging into how your dependencies work, not finding out how much JS epitimizes Big Tech. The eldritch horror drove me nuts!

Sure use JS as a stopgap, but longterm let's move away from it. Please?

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Housing emergency, urgent, signal boosts appreciated 

My boyfriend and I got scammed out of over $1000 and also our planned future living space, and now we're left desperate for basically anywhere to live. If you have space available, or know someone who does, in the Atlanta, GA, area, *please* reach out to me.

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the older I get the more I appreciate simple tools

few hours of playing with org-capture and search around internet and I have capture template that works with Zettelkasten. Rest of the method is already implemented in org-mode

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Since morning I've been reading about Zettelkasten Method [1] and I love it's simplicity. Originally I thought about implementing it org-roam, but from reading this section [2] it extends and complicates this method. I will stick with simple org-capture and storing everything in one folder with flat structure.

The article [1] mentions other interesting way of implementing this method. One requiring index card that are later scanned in filled in proper folder [3]


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a story about a huge malicious tor exit operation:

Blog: "How Malicious Tor Relays are Exploiting Users in 2020 (Part I)
>23% of the Tor network’s exit capacity has been attacking Tor users"

I must confess up until today I never played Skyrim, and... after 15 min I'm playing Fallout 3. Fantasy is not for me

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us imperialism history; ww2 

something sometimes forgotten in discussions about the US' atomic bombings in Japan is that they weren't even the worst bombing attacks the US committed against Japanese civilians.

the firebombing of Tokyo in March 1945 was the single most destructive bombing attack in history. it killed over 100,000 civilians and made over a million homeless. the US high command was enthusiastically committing war crimes against civilians long before they dropped the atomic bomb.

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i'm gonna come out and say this

FUCK defcon

sorry it's defcon (R). forgot the (R). defcon _registered trademark_ Hacker Conference

holy shit. fuck corporatized "hacker culture". fuck the bigoted techbro gamer filled gamer chat. fuck any "hacker" community that is not intersectional. fuck everything about this tbh

attending HOPE really opened my eyes to everything that defcon _(R)_ isn't

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"Germany plans to dim lights at night to save insects"

Maybe we'll get to see more stars at night as a result of this as well?

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@fdroidorg hello, I'm wondering why use to host your projects instead of a GitLab instance. uses #Google #recaptcha, Google #Analytics, and #Cloudflare, which are all proprietary. I've heard of #TeDomum, which is a French organization that hosts numerous projects; one of them being GitLab:

90% apps on my phone are now open source. The only properitary ones are for banking and Spotify

If anyone is interested there is promo on Amazon for Kindle version of C Programming Language [1] Yes, I now Amazon


I managed to fix my problem with GPU and vfio. Now it loads with vfio-pci. VM starts, but I get black screen. Someday I will get there. I will have working GPU Passthrough and two VMs with MacOS and Win10 for work.

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