Ok i dont usually do this, but here goes. This'll be across most platforms I use.

A friend of mine is in dire straits rn. Please, boost/donate/repost, whatever you can do to help her will be greatly appreciated. She lost everything.


Here's a very lackadaisical How-to Guide I made on using WebDAV from a mobile phone to remote access files if you use a Yesterweb capsule: just because.


I finally updated my neocities gfdi lol. Been a whole 2 weeks or smth smh. It's a companion piece to a capsule I have up via Flounder.online. Check out my neocities here.


Happy National Video Game Day, everyone! In case anyone isinterested, in honor of today, I went n put up this EP of video game remixes titled "Video Game Classics vol 1." Go ahead and listen to it on soundcloud here, it's also available on my gemini capsule as files.


C/W ~ Epilepsy Warning ~ Music Video 

I don't understand people that say they were either born in the wrong generation or wish they could go back, nah fuck all that.
I ain't wanna go back if it means I can't listen to shit like this. This track goes HARD. Whoever listens, I hope you enjoy.


Hello world? Naaaahh. The world's trashed rn, n too many people trashin' it. Til then, I'm in this little online borough for now. Sup, y'all?


masto instance for the tildeverse