I write a lot, only a fraction of which is publicly posted. This resonates with me. A lot.

Encryption works and it's not just a "tech tool".


good luck trying to socially interact with me im behind seven hoodies

All servers for Fediverse softwares (Mastodon, Peertube, Pixelfed, etc.) are managed by people that do it only to offer an entry to the Fediverse.
These services won't track you, there is no advertisings and are fully respectful with your privacy.
You can help your favorite instance to keep working with a donation that will contribute to server charges.
They also need your help :)

New gemlog regarding a simple and cliche revelation I had about reading. Its about the journey, not the destination!


The Shining 

The Shining has been a great book choice for the month of Halloween. A little over halfway and King is constantly just setting up the Torrances for a miserable time.

I think the coolest part is reading from Danny’s perspective.

Finally reading 1984. It’s blowing my mind, not gonna lie. Thought control, war without end, and surveillance are issues so prevalent today and issues people are weirdly comfortable with.

whoah being able to have the old Instagram icon is super nostalgic.. if only we could have the old, non-Facebook Instagram.

jiaogulan tea is so disgusting it makes water taste sweet

I’m not joking. Plain water, tastes like sugar water afterwards.

Does anyone know where to find “unbiased” news or independent journalism? Trying to read the major networks in the U.S. is a joke.

My next read is Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I’m about halfway through and I’m really enjoying it.

Idk why I hated books in school. There are some wonderfully interesting books out there!!

Ok dune was really good. Not sure if I’m gonna read the series though. Book was well written and now I’m looking forward to the movie!!

Dune has been amazing so far. I’m impressed with how quick I’m reading (as normally I read very slowly). I’m about halfway through at this point.

It’s been nice to end my night just getting lost in a story instead of with tired eyes from IRC or reddit.

this new porter robinson album is gonna be sooooooo good

Hello my tilde friends, I will be less active for a bit as I am trying to read Dune for the first time! It keeps popping up amongst friends and a new movie is coming, so what better time than now!

Plus, I loved Twin Peaks so now I have a reason to watch more David Lynch!

hey, i got gemlog.sh to a point where it's actually usable and it works! it's a simple little tool for gemlog management that generates a static index page and atom feeds, and can automatically make a toot when you make a new post.

check it out here: tildegit.org/nytpu/gemlog.sh

avoiding the web has genuinely improved my mental state. reddit for cute animal pictures, rant on mastodon occasionally, browse a few small forums, and other than that i've been avoiding the web unless absolutely necessary. gemini, aether, irc, mailing lists, and the like all have good communities and actually respect their users, and are all around better than social media and other shit on the web.

It feels like yesterday I was so excited for Harry Styles’ new album. This year has gone by so fast, and now it already makes me nostalgic for October-December 2019. Those were better times.

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