tooth drama 

I'm having a somewhat tough time. I have, not one, but TWO broken teeth; one on each side. I feel lucky as my dentist said they should be keepable, but will require root canals.

It's better than I expected (extraction), but I had to reschedule my first endodontist consultation, which pushed it back like two weeks. THEN, my entire city was shut down for a week due to snow...which pushed it back another week.

It was fine for a while, and its manageable, but I have to clean out two broken teeth every time I eat. Its starting to become very taxing and old, meanwhile the teeth are getting worse and worse. Its hard to keep pain away, and of course infection could strike at any time.

And I'm literally waiting on JUST THE CONSULTATION. I won't even be given relief, I don't think.

I cannot wait until this is resolved and I can eat normally and go back to living a somewhat normal life (as normal as things can be right now).

If you're familiar w/ enneagram (I know its not real science), I'm a type 7 and type 7 "fear" resounds true with me. Its fear of pain or discomfort. And right now my days are filled with constant tooth maintenance and pain and discomfort. And the only solution, is two root canals, the prime example of discomfort, so much so its almost cliche.

Over all its affecting my mental health (its even making me sleep worse) and draining me, and I just needed a place to let it out.

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