New IRC bot for in chat in the works. Currently returns http links to man pages and lets you toot from this account.

Want to experiment with ? Curious about the and what the heck a is? Join us on to get a free shell account today!

Local mail is now running! Also, all user subdomains will be served via TLS going forward. ~institute is now HSTS-compliant.

Welcome new users! ~ben ~fosslinux ~login ~nonlinear ~rdh ~saba ~slip ~tildebeast ~tim ~troido ~wink ~xvetrd

Just installed angband, nethack, and zork. Also set up a skeleton weechat config for all users that is quite pretty. Set a symlink for weechat called 'chat' and updated /etc/motd - The Tilde Institute is now open for BETA! Come join us and enjoy experimenting with a native OpenBSD environment! Try compiled C CGI for complex web apps! You get your own subdomain rather than a subdirectory!

Migration to the proper VPS is about 75% completed. I have to work, then in approximately 8 hours I'll finish the remaining 25% of the migration.

We're in the alpha stage still - waiting on Hetzner currently. Going to move to one of their VPSes. Once it's set up, I'll open registrations for the beta phase.

masto instance for the tildeverse