<xfnw> they should make nicotine illegal

"people of things" are not in the spirit of jan6

life can go back to being.... well the dumpster fire it is

how do i change the level difficulty irl

when I was younger, I was eating 1 Kg of beef with heavy pepper sauce, several pizzas and pints of ice cream, plus loads of wine; today at the supermarket, my cart was carrot juice, tomato juice, kombucha and coconut water!

sounds like the story of a bunch of townies putting their hopes and dreams on a bunch of literal teenagers and punishing them if they don't live up to unrealistic expectations

I'm laughing but it's like the kind of laughter that you have because you're trying to fill the yawning void that is our current reality

you say you care about the environment, but you ate an avocado toast once in 6 months, so because of that your opinions on the environment are irrelevant. Please look away as we dump oil into the ocean and use fishing nets that literally entrap sea life and slowly kill them

hot tip: if you just starve and never buy anything nice, you too can afford a house

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