the user responsible for the previous toot has been sacked

gpg is awesome, once the first steps have been taken

3 cords in a single winter means a cold winter

hackerspaces are amazing, they are the house of discovery

🎵 🎶 no one's illegal but white people 🎶 🎵

i have chocolate milk. it is tasty. that is all, have a good $TIME_OF_DAY

what’s written in the bible is libel that slanders you and me / so spit into the bible (bible) and just be free~ 🎶 🎵

someone get me to the doctor, and someone call the nurse, and someone buy me roses, and someone burned the church, we're hanging out with corpses, and driving in this hearse, and someone save my soul tonight, please save my soul

queer lib is class struggle / unless you're livin' in an airtight bubble / seize the means on the double / if you got the money, honey, you're in trouble / look out!

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