I'm just knee-deep in lua while also reading rust docs. :')

haha! i get the rest of the day off! enjoy working, suckers! i'm out!

<~tomasino> i think sdf's inconsistency is a deviously intentional thing that pushes people out into the wider pubnix like birds kicking their hatchlings out of the nest. Learn to fly! Go, spread the gopher love.

they quit boy scouts when they allowed gay scout leaders

person 1: "we create god collectively" person 2: "Yes, let's stop with that"

"what's on fediverse?" answers world-renowed person, Dr. clarjon: "Mastodon, pleroma, pixelfed, this one guy's custom implementation with wordpress..."

and now a break from your usual stream of jan6, to bring you this bit: *what is a toot?* answers clarjon, PhD of existance: "it's like a tweet but geekier"

<noone> dammit jan6, you've broken the universe again *submits a support ticket*

22:44 <~ahriman> like it's gratuitously ... flat ... here

Morning still freezing your rear end off, comrade!

you'd think that with a metric fuckton of social networks, people wouldn't have miscommunication issues eh?

we can !toot if we want toot, we can dance the night away!

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