i'm eating rice and bean sprouts and tofu and snow peas and bell pepper, my body is not ready for this kind of nutrition

<recaptcha> "click for me these pictures three"

Now hiring a Necktie Developer to replace the retired Willie Russell! Inquire via email at ewood@blushingplane.ac

Terence Jackson, chief information security officer at Thycotic

*sees a straight couple* so which one of you is the linux user and which one is the bsd user?

if you're surrounded by people in healthy relationships I'd be shocked. did you know that most couples don't even use unix-based systems?

it works in practice, now if we could just get it to work in theory

Now hiring a Clarinet Scientist! If you're interested, please inquire via email to dhill@wearytomb.wf

but apparently, the big gay badger who's tired of being used as a doormat is too much of a gay fucking pansy now to come out and do it yourself.

I can't wait to see the Green LinuxMCE take on the Black Trustix

Honestly, my favorite thing in the world is drab, icy founder

the new ~verse mascot should be: Cornsilk bison

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