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the depression turns off all the lights for me

what's the point on rubbin' a non-chubby belly?

jelly is just flavored thickened sugar water

"how are you?" AKA "I don't care how you are, but anyway, let me talk about myself"

frogs go crôa crôa and roosters cocorico... roosters cocorico...roosters say WHAT?!?

the concept of a feedback mechanism that causes people to lose their job, combined with "anyone can drive for ___ rideshare company!" squicks me out

always assume anything on any public server is logged and copyable

07c08o03g09i10n11x02t12b06i13r05r04e07a08r03e09v10i11t02i12o06v13e05r04e07d 08i03s 09f10u11n

remember kids: internet consists of cats, penises, and Hitler, and only one of them is good

I'd socially accept a man in a dress, why doesn't everyone?

I'm actually impressed, for once I didn't paint the kitchen in jam; usually when I make jam it seems to finish on every surface and everything ends up sticky

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