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pants are dumb, I highly encourage skirts and dresses for all people, regardless of gender

*thicc russian accent* why are you eating hair

I have the correct dishes and utensils to make tea like a normal human meatbag

never thought id end up browsing dating sites just to talk to people

my sexual orientation is really craving attention and love, i just want a hug for fuck's sake

my sexual orientation is falling in love with people from the internet

if you're gay and you do crimes during pride month it's not illegal they can't stop you

Pepsi: a disgusted soda that'll leave you minute!

I'm going to be sad when the pandemic is over and I have to physically go to work and wear a bra for 8+ hours a day again

trenton should have chosen a name like andre, so I can imagine this as wrestling fanfic

<death> one of y'all motherfuckers better start laughing at my joke

* lickthearch is sad he still hasn't managed to get catgirl working on his laptop

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