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okay, open the wikihow article on how to run a loose association of tilde communities, now.

watch the fight of drwasabi and hackintech on meta or something

<tracer> They're putting water in the water to turn the frogs gay!

They're putting digital nukes in the vulnerabilities in a 3rd party solution to turn the that one vulnerability we were going to patch next Tuesday gay!

<minerbot2> current state of the world n e a t

no chasing dicks in , do that on your own damn time

come jam out on the mumble! we've got 21 songs in the queue for an impromptu radio show! get connection details at

apparently kumquat's cats think her phone is the perfect bed

BREAKING NEWS: cyberia has been taken over by lick

everything is terrible, yeet everything into the sun

I think I added a toot filter, since someone toots every other sentence

"my neighbors are having a tree cut down; it's loud" "eat them, then eat the tree" "good idea, thank you"

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