I'm reading Martian Chronicles for the first time and really, really not getting into it/them at all

I should start a band named Copyright Claim and start making copyright claims against people making copyright claims

@christyotwisty @cosullivan I got a whole bunch of William I. Johnston puzzles. That's a good addition.

Have you played any on Cosmic yet? You can launch it from the menu.

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@christyotwisty do you know any good sources for crossword puzzle downloadable "puz" files? I want to expand the collection on Cosmic.

There's a lot of Icelandic music on SomaFM's Lush station

the hardest part of hackerrank challenges is figuring out which nonsense method they want you to use for output

yeti shared this in IRC and holy moly!


Now I want to see a re-release of Willow

I'm greatly disappointed in the Fediverse that none of you told me about Comrade Detective.

@powderpaint - I was just listening to some Jem songs... the cartoon, i mean. You two should definitely cover some of this stuff. Truly Outrageous is the obvious choice, but this one slaps


Trying to get a newly trans friend to join fedi. Trying to make a point about the enviroment here.

Are you...

@djmoch calver forever!!! (just ran across your semver post on lobsters) :)

I dont trust people who don't put enough milk in their cereal

๐ŸŒŸโ€‹Ten Forward๐ŸŒŸโ€‹

It's my new show. It'll air at 1pm UTC on Mondays. It's an hour long auditory chill zone where we step onto the Enterprise D lounge for a bit of relaxation. No talking, no sudden noises, just some nice drone and a bit of soft background chatter.

Listen at tilderadio.org/listen

I'm streaming a new experimental ambient show on Tilde Radio right now. It doesn't have a permanent time-slot yet.

Welcome to Ten Forward... you know, from the Enterprise. Enjoy some ambient background noise for an hour and relax.


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tomasino is now online playing Ten Forward! tune in here now: tilderadio.org/listen

So excited that Cosmic Voyage now has a toot-bot running. You can follow @cosmicvoyage to get notified of new stories being published. There's RSS feeds too, if you're of that persuasion.

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