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Oh huh, ProPublica is doing the Lord's work with some basic "so it's been a few years since civics class, here's what you forgot" articles. Also useful if you're a non-USian wondering how the heck stuff works over here.

Here's a really awesome Humble Bundle of Linux books from No-Starch Press. It's pay-what-you-want and supports the EFF and Let's Encrypt.

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i was just sitting here listening to my book and i grabbed my hand weight--a two-litre bottle filled with water and wrapped in duct tape--to do some core exercises and said to myself, "Oh, my arm is a little sore. I wonder why?" I got my 4th COVID shot today at 13:00. Duh. I'm a dumbass sometimes.

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"The Global Registry of Fossil Fuels is an open, transparent repository of data on fossil fuel production worldwide, expressed in terms of its embedded carbon dioxide emissions."

an old friend yelled at me years ago for changing my profile picture without warning, so I'm doing my duty here by announcing mine has changed

Cooking garlic with your breakfast:

Pros: Yumz

Cons: Rubbing your tired eyes

I'm just standing here thinking to myself, "I wish I had coffee." Then I look to my left at the mug of coffee I made 10 minutes ago and placed in its special place of honor on my desk. I think I need some coffee.

This is just like trying to find your glasses when you don't have your glasses on to help you look.

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Want to hear something amazing about crying?

Emotional tears have higher protein concentration than irritant tears, which makes them fall down your cheeks more slowly—increasing the chance they’ll be seen and solicit care.

In literal ways, your body is built for community.


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2023 is getting said a lot on this work call. 2023 still sounds futuristic. That's neat.

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Anybody got any good book suggestions on growing #mushrooms

Listening to The Anvil of Crom on repeat

I was on Ubuntu 20.04 for, well, 2 years. I used vokoscreen-ng a lot during that time to record my screen. Some of those videos were about tech stuff and shared here. Many more were me walking through something for a client. I love sending clients little videos instead of scheduling meetings. It saves me so much time and scheduling anguish.

Anyway, I upgraded to 22.04 recently and my poor vokoscreen-ng is no good anymore. I didn't realize Ubuntu moved to wayland, but that was my first casualty.

I've installed Kooha instead, which was a flatpak. It is my only flatpak, I think. It works, but it doesn't have as many features or configuration options. Webm recording is choppy, but mp4 is pretty smooth. There's no webcam recording built in, but I might be able to use a VLC loopback trick to work around it. Bleh. It just doesn't feel like a step forward.

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