Oh hey, are you a fan? Are you aware of the hashtag going on now to promote Onion-Location headers? Check it out and increase discoverability of your onion sites! did exactly that this morning. We now have Onion-Location enabled so if you visit the site in the tor-browser you'll be prompted to swap over to the tor version automatically. So cool.

@tomasino wait are you telling me...I can access the regular web in the Tor browser?! Is there any reason not to switch?

@acdw if you want to do stuff with webrtc or service-workers you'll find those blocked in tor-browser. You'll also have the load-time overhead of onion routing, but if you're not in a hurry by all means make tor-browser your daily driver. It helps the network as a whole to have more traffic moving.

@tomasino so I'm hearing everything but like, my banks would work on Tor browser. And maybe even them. I don't think I use webworkers or anything like that when browsing, but let's find out by breaking stuff!

Awesome, thanks 😁😁

@acdw yeah, bank should be fine. Tor-browser leaves JS enabled by default. If your bank does IP geofencing then you may run into issues if your exit node is international.

@tomasino @acdw interesting, how does more traffic help the network?

@paper @acdw more traffic helps obscure the rest of the traffic. More active nodes, more in/out, makes trying to monitor exit nodes and bridges more difficult for state-level actors or ISPs to detangle.

@tomasino @paper @acdw but also the more "normal" people who use it for "normal stuff" the harder it is to make the argument that only criminals are terrorists would use such a thing.

@M0YNG @tomasino @paper such a good point! I'm convinced. It's based on Firefox anyway right?

@acdw @tomasino @paper

mine is:
9.5.1 (based on Mozilla Firefox 68.10.0esr) (64-bit)

@Shufei @tomasino so I've heard! Tbh I don't even really know what it does

@acdw @tomasino Something something video web apps something seomthing...

Apparently we are supposed to all just live with broken VPN so some schlump can do Zoom.

@Shufei @tomasino oh that's right! Apparently the entire future is video chatting

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