Android Chrome app update on the 29th broke it completely for a big swath of folks and now their app store is getting a nice flood of 1-star reviews.

Oh, interesting. My chrome on Android works when I'm not on my pi hole network. That leads me to suspect it's trying to phone home some telemetry on start-up.

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@LunaDragofelis I do as well, which is why I didn't notice this for days. Some Android stuff opens in Chrome instead of my default though and I can't remove the app despite using a Pixel. Grrr

@tomasino Maybe root could be an option to get rid of such software?

@tomasino @LunaDragofelis You can't disable Chrome on a Pixel? Usually system apps can be disabled, but not removed.

@gcupc @LunaDragofelis I can uninstall updates but not disable or remove it

@gcupc @LunaDragofelis I'm glad the pixel doesn't come with bloat ware like my wife's Samsung, but this is still annoying. Phones are dumb

@tomasino @LunaDragofelis That's actually why I've been brand-loyal to the Moto G line since the Moto G1 – you get stock Android, reasonable updates, only one vendor app, which is actually useful, and you can disable all of the Google apps. They also get official LineageOS builds, but I don't know how much longer that's going to be viable.

@solderpunk @tomasino @LunaDragofelis Not anymore, unfortunately. I think it's still replaceable by the corner shop, or anyone with torx security screwdrivers and a spudger, but it's not 'user-replaceable' anymore.

@solderpunk @tomasino Actually, I somewhat take that back. The G5 had a removable battery, and maybe some others do.

@burningkeyboard @tomasino probably a mere distraction from the new line they added, no doubt "hail hydra" or similar

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