14 years before the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic a novela titled "Futility" described an eerily similar story happening to the SS Titan. I remembered this much, but my memory suggests that the book was referencing a real life ship sinking years before with a similar name. Now I look this part up and I find nothing. Did I make it up? Was I lied to?

Very often we build a story that feels very real because reading such a realistic novel felt like the truth itself.
But in 1873 RMS Atlantic sunk because she struck a rock.
Many passengers died. This ship was, as Titanic a luxurious liner.

Many corpses were found. It was very surprising to discover the sailor was a ... woman!One of them was that of a crew member.
It was very surprising to discover this sailor was a ... woman!

One of the crew is discovered to have actually been a woman in her twenties. According to an article at the time, she had "been a sailor on three voyages, and her gender was never known until her body was removed from the water and prepared for burial."
She is described as having been highly regarded by her colleagues, and one of them, speaking of her, remarked: “I didn't know Bill was a woman.

He took his toddy as regularly as we did, and always asked for or stole tobacco. He was a good friend, too, and I'm sorry he was a woman. It has been said that the poor thing was American, and, in the crew, perhaps the only one of that nationality.
(See the Atlantic story in wikipedia.)

@tomasino you write this like you read this in 1900 and recently tried to find it in the local library

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