I finished high school in 1998, before Columbine and lots of other domestic shit went down and made schools in the US way more strict than they once were. In my senior year I had a course called World Cultures as my social sciences requirement. I decided to take that class from atop the air conditioner by the window rather than have a desk. Most of the time I lay down on the ledge and stared at the ceiling while lectures happened.

About 3 weeks before the end of the semester I finally cracked it. The pattern on the ceiling tiles didn't flow at right angles to the cut of the tiles nor did it repeat within a single tile. I had to identify macro patterns across mulitple tiles in different orientations and reconstruct it in my head. It took so much focus and pattern juggling and I was absolutely thrilled when I solved it.

I sat up and shouted out that I'd solved it! One would now think, "oh jeez, i bet the teacher didn't like that," but you would be wrong. My teacher stopped class and went and got one of the math teachers to show him. We stood on desks and moved tiles around until everyone could see how the pattern moved, drawing clusters with sharpies to point them out.

No, this story doesn't have a point. I just remembered it and it was a happy memory. Enjoy.

@tomasino That was a nice story. I really wish i had been less of a nuisance in high school.

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