Tonight at 23:30 it's that time again...
Tilde Trivia with Tomasino!

tune in at and join the chat at in the room.

@tomasino there's my cue to lock in a /nick or figure out biboumi real fast

@tomasino What a fab group of triviahounds! You have them well trained! I did have fun, and I got my friend in Newfoundland to listen in, because she likes swing and big band. She reports she too knew the Duchess of York answer.

@tomasino Glad I was able to. The heat and other events kept me indoors and tuned in.

@cosullivan i hope the heat breaks soon. I can't sleep over 20°C. I can't even function. I feel for you and for the poor folks in Portland

@tomasino Cascadia is Burning. My friend lent me his electric fan and I'm trying to work out if his charity comes from humanitarianism or a strong flavour of like.

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