Project idea: Social Experiment Chat

Anonymous chat over tor without any usernames at all. The entire site immediately freezes and stops taking input forever the first time anyone drops an F-bomb. After that it remains statically published as a testament.

Site is called "Nice Things".

Project is called, "This is why we can't have nice things".

@sennomo I kinda wanna make it, but I'm very busy with actual work this month. I also keep thinking about the incredible inbalance that will happen between building it and it freezing 4 seconds after launch.

@tomasino sounds like fun but I'm sure it'd mostly be a way for spammers to post links.

@4l3x I'm fairly confident it wouldn't be editable long enough to reach spammers.

@tomasino Oh! So it would only have one single instance that shuts down forever?


Like an art gallery show opening: people standing around talking to strangers not knowing their names.

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