All this Gregorian calendar junk hasn't been going so well recently. Are we about ready for Star Dates yet?

@LilFluff @tomasino I have one setting that uses Internet Time (it's fantasy though). My current one just uses political calendars that were made up the "hard" way.

@dmoonfire @LilFluff next year is the year 5 BIH (before _It_ happened). Sppoky!

Nah, I want star dates.

@tomasino @LilFluff Aren't star dates just Julian Dates?

And unfortunately don't handle the slow entropy of the universe where our planet is slowing down into oblivion.

Not to mention, aren't really time zone aware since they roll over at noon.

@dmoonfire @LilFluff star dates are arbitrary BS. They changed them up to sound neat but there's no workable system. I'm into that! Let's be arbitrary

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