New XPS for 2022 has a friggin touch-bar. We're they not paying attention to the Apple failure here? Frankly, the whole keyboard looks like trash and the lack of discernable edges to the touchpad screams future frustration. Yikes

@tomasino I had seen that yesterday and just facepalmed. Dell gonna Dell, and the XPS hasn't looked attractive to me for quite a while, especially when laptops from Framework exist.

Oh I thought it was a display, but it literally is a touch bar? No luck on playing doom on that 😂.

Well this is 'design' I guess, but I'll pass as well

@sexybiggetje it's apparently a touch-bar limited to only 2 display modes. Probably toggles when you hold the Fn key, but not sure. So yeah... they removed the tactile input so that they could, uh..., change labels on the fly? But rest assured (says Dell) it's not like Apple's bar because you can't configure it yourself or add arbitrary options.

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