OMG that homepage. Those are all the DIFFERENT times they've run that story.

@tomasino Let me put some emphasis here: *only* nation where this happens regularly.

There are guns all over the world, yet only one nation has mass shootings. The USA don't have a gun problem, they have a violence problem. That's even harder to aknowledge and adress than a gun problem

@tomasino and those are just the ~2 dozen times they've pointed out this happening.

i saw someone point out there's been at least 400 mass shootings, not since the onion started doing these 8 years ago, but since the start of 2022.

@tomasino @glynmoody Hmm, I read this this week:

We might have a false illusion of higher frequency just because the US is huge and prominent.

@stevenroose @glynmoody taking away from that article that the median measure is a better metric, it seems to support the idea that this issue is particularly problematic in the US

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