@tomasino Congrats !
Very interesting (and understandable by a non-english speaker ;)) 🖖

@tomasino This is great! Bookmarked it to watch it fully later today.

@tomasino Awhile ago I really trimmed my website down to get rid of the JavaScript and get the size down to join the 512KB Club (right now it's at about 50 KB). After converting to Hugo I had considered making a Gemini spin of it but never got back to it. 512kb.club/

@tomasino @onepict looks excellently interesting, added to my watchlist

@tomasino thanks for the breadpunk.club hint! Watched your talk while baking 😁

Great talk! I had heard of gopher and Gemini over the years and never really knew what they were. Certainly inspired to run my own Gemini server now.

@tomasino An excellent introduction to our world. Thank you for your contributions!

@tomasino many thanks for sharing your excellent talk! It is great to see that while the technologies surrounding the small internet phenomenon are various, there are very sound shared motivations which span from privacy to community.
Wrt Gopher/Gemini’s adoption and new users ramping up, is there any “low barrier” solution such as prose.sh (I learned about it today!) to automate and simplify the management of a capsule/phlog?

@mala oh yes, there's some great communities that have gone a ways towards making it easy to get started. I'll pull some links together when i get home

@tomasino wow, many thanks and… no rush! I’ll look into what’s already available in terms of tooling too, starting from burrows 🙂 Take care and have a safe trip back home!


I really enjoyed your talk, and feel gently poked about doing more with my capsule. :)

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