If the word went out that all life was going to end in the next hour (assume a space worm is about to eat the planet), but you were the only one that got the message, how would you spend that hour?

i think I'd song Christmas songs with some loved ones.

@tomasino I would raid the persons house that sells freeze dried sour skittles at the farmer's market and eat them until my tongue fell off.

I'd open a bottle of champagne and dance the 7-40🙂

Hmm, although maybe champagne isn't the best idea - that bottle is from 2016 and who knows what's in it now...

@tomasino if the world ends in an hour I'm gonna be mildly annoyed with you for phrasing this as a hypothetical.

@tomasino are we assuming im not the chosen one, slayer of space worms, wielder of the spear of fate, prophecied saviour of sphumanity (space humanity)?

id tell my bff and then we would probably play video games about it

@tomasino Is total mental breakdown a valid option?

@tomasino grab a towel, have a beer in the Irish pub around the corner, then hitchhike. No-brainer.

@tomasino put on some headphones, play Pink Floyd, and close my eyes.

@tomasino probably going back and forth between not believing it, and considering what best to do with the remaining time, till either nothing happens, or till I as well get eaten by that space worm.

@tomasino I would like to think that I would resist the urge to try to tell people about it unless I was sure they would believe me and not waste time. Then I would go to a natural setting if I could and think good thoughts.

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