I asked for a penannular brooch for Christmas but we had trouble finding one for a reasonable price. Then this past weekend we accidentally stumbled upon a Viking Village Festival in the Westfjörds and look what we found! Just in time for my birthday, too.

This winter I'm going to be a WFH trendsetter as I wear the shit out of some blankets.

Ranting about spoilers 

Fuck this. You CANNOT put a spoiler IN THE FUCKING HEADLINE! And you CANNOT mark it a [SPOILER] in-line. Gah! Fuck Fuck Fuck.

(This may be misdirected outrage from today)

We have a new record! This letter that just arrived (June 22) was sent on December 13th.

I replaced the harddrive and battery on my 6 year old travel laptop and it's like new again. I gave it a new name (pluto) and made a nice new minimalist background for it. YAY!

I'm going to be speaking at MCH 2022 in the Netherlands this July. There's going to be so many cool speakers there at this giant camping hacker conference. You could come too. Tickets are still available!

Stolen from FB:

WWII created widespread privations among the nations involved in it. In particular in the Europe and in the USA, rationing of a wide range of goods was instituted so that needed base materials could be used to forward the war effort. Ready made clothing was rationed as well as materials to make apparel. There were specific amounts of material that were permitted to be used for various garments, and certain fabrics, like silk were not available at all.
The US War Production Board and the British the Board of Trade both created new “austerity guidelines” for clothing aimed to reduce fabric use by prohibiting the following: pleats, cuffs, ruffles, exterior patch pockets, attached hoods or shawls, and width and fullness in sleeves or skirts. Hems and waistbands on skirts and pants could be no wider than two inches and jackets, dresses, and pants could have no more than one pocket. Dresses were limited to one and ¾ yards of fabric. This did not necessarily apply to home-sewn garments although this was followed by commercial sewing patterns of the time anyway.
What you are seeing here is a perfect example of a wartime austerity suit from 1943. It is devoid of extraneous details. and though pleats were frowned on, one inverse pleat in a skirt was permitted for freedom of movement.
While the restrictions were severe, and much more so in England than the US, it also created a climate of creativity as designers and home sewers alike tried to make something out of next to nothing.

Collection of the Fashion Institute for Design & Merchandising Museum & Library.

I tried really hard to make this one have some tradition-esque symbolism and it came really close! Look at some of these options for the seven of cups (wishful thinking, illusion). :)

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OMG, this is so fun. Look at all the symbolism... and nonsense! What shall we call this one?

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This AI generative art stuff has me wanting to make a cursed tarot deck

traditional Icelandic food, eye contact 

This is svið. It's quite yummy if you can get over the whole face thing.


OMG that homepage. Those are all the DIFFERENT times they've run that story.

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