Has it really been a month already? Lets celebrate October with some Tilde Trivia! Tune in tonight at 23:30UTC for 90 minutes of trivia fun with me.

Listen: tilderadio.org/listen
Chat: ino.is/tr

Tonight: A Heinlein story that would go on to form the first half of "Orphans of the Sky".

Tune in at tilderadio.org/listen at 22:00UTC

It's time! tune in at 2200UTC (20 min from now) to hear a story from Ray Bradbury!


In about 90 minutes we'll begin our second broadcast of Sci-Fi Radio. Tune in for 1950s sci-fi radio dramas every Tuesday and Thursday at 22:00UTC on tilderadio.org

I am starting yet another Tilderadio show. Hooray!

Sci-Fi Radio!

A 30 minute program of vintage science-fiction radio dramas from the 1950s. Classic stories from some of the great authors of early science fiction.

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 22:00 UTC

Listen at tilderadio.org/listen

Tilde Trivia with Tomasino is tonight at 23:30UTC. Join the chatter in IRC and have a swell time.

Are your hands still drying out from the careful hand-washing? No? Is it because you've started moisturizing or switched soaps, or have your habits slipped?

Tonight is night on ! Tune in at 23:30UTC for 90 minutes of hot trivia action with your second-favorite disembodied voice, me!

Listen: tilderadio.org
Chat: web.tilde.chat/ - room

Here's a few pictures of our neighborhood from my wife's walks the last two days. I'm really happy we live in a pretty place.

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