@polychrome there's some lovely street view explorations you can do in the Faroe Islands that were mapped by strapping cameras on sheep

@mwlucas don't forget to put one reward at a stupid number. $10,000 or something. People actually do those for some reason.

Pretty sure my players in the Fate Core game I'm running are going to either destroy the Earth, raise Hitler from the dead or possible make him a Lich, or both on Friday. They're the good guys but they're so bad at it!

What I'm excited about is the genre shift if they destroy the Earth. That contingency will result in a fractured planet held at the point of complete collapse by magic and will drastically change the direction of everything. Add in undead Nazis and we have something really special.

Tabletop gaming is so much better than any video game.

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Are your hands still drying out from the careful hand-washing? No? Is it because you've started moisturizing or switched soaps, or have your habits slipped?

re: JavaScript is pretty great 

@polychrome the date formatter takes country lang codes and gives back specific formats rather than allow a pattern. The output for each lang is different between node and browser JavaScript implementations.

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Small donation request of USans (health) 

If you can spare the postage and purchase, I request unopened bottles of Vitamin D3, 5000IU. I'm not where those are available for retail sale, and am ending my visits to the US so i can't buy them. I'll need the 5000IU in fall and winter to better defeat viruses. Vit D3 is inexpensive and available at supermarkets, supplement stores and drugstores.

In this weeks bug bounty I'm trying to help a developer to enable the Autofill feature in their android app.

Have a StackOverflow account? I'd really appreciate an upvote! I need at least 2 votes to nab 1/2 of the bounty if the poster forgets to award it (which happens a lot)


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#waffle (a #gopher client written in #haskell) v0.12.0 is out!

Now you can bookmark text files and menus with the + key!

Edit a text file to manage your bookmarks or use the TUI!


Not much left until v1.0.0! A couple features and then a big cleanup.


@mnw @jamestomasino it's got a decent amount of people. I'm also following folks on other instances, so my timeline is nice. Boosting my posts on Mastodon is a nice help for engagement too

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Roma Holocaust Memorial Day 

Pharrajimos ("cutting up", "fragmentation", "destruction") / samudaripen ("mass killing") / Kali Traš ("Black Fear") / Berša Bibahtale

August 2 commemorates the victims of the Romani genocide which was committed against the Romani people by Nazi Germany and its allies during World War II.


@m455 true, true! Ours can be compiled yourself and loaded untrusted if you prefer. It was a volunteer made app too. Really proud of the work they did. :) But I totally get not trusting it by default. There's absolutely no reason to think they aren't doing something shady until proven otherwise

@m455 the app here in Iceland is great. Stores data locally. When someone is tested positive their data gets uploaded and dispatched and if you came in contact your app alerts you.

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