@solderpunk I had a DCC player and even a portable DCC player back in the day. I loved that system. It was so great and easy.

@snowdusk that poster put the Starfighter theme directly into my brain

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@solderpunk hard to say, pretty much going by the tildezine method and i'll just leave it open-ended until i have enough content and then set a deadline for any stragglers from there

you've got heaps of time. :3

It took me at least a full day to go from dark mode to light mode and configure everything. It took me an hour to switch back. Nice.

After spending the last month testing out a light mode theme as my daily driver, the results are in.


@dmoonfire nice silly side benefit... drop them in a dropbox folder and now all your apps are available on all your machines. ;)

@dmoonfire I dislike both. Flatpack doesn't even give you a cli executable. AppImages are my fav, but there's no authority on where they're coming from, so it pays to be suspicious.

@claudiom i went through a bunch of hoops and trouble to get my firefox add-on to work properly on firefox android only for them to just blanket kill add-on support in this new version. Just pisses me off.

@claudiom i blew it away and went back to chrome on android. They just utterly ruined it.

@cosullivan @claudiom I'm glad you got to be out with friends instead. There's always another trivia show. *hugs*

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Had some fun listening to @tomasino's Tilde Trivia! Now it's time for DJ @snowdusk with #IGWH on #Tilderadio! ๐ŸŽถ ๐ŸŽง ๐ŸŽถ

Tonight's Tilde Trivia with Tomasino will have a live audience! The question is, will that happen via tilde.tel (the tilde SIP) or over jitsi.tildeverse.org?

Only 2.5 hours until Tilde Trivia! Don't miss it!

@Tel speaking purely from witnessing 2020 first hand, supremely dumb ideas do seem quite realistic

Has it really been a month already? Lets celebrate October with some Tilde Trivia! Tune in tonight at 23:30UTC for 90 minutes of trivia fun with me.

Listen: tilderadio.org/listen
Chat: ino.is/tr

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