@esi hey, at least you've got some good company in the neighborhood. you should come join us at Hakkavélin on Thursday @ Bruggstofan 20:00

@tskaalgard werid combo. guy got left out in the last orgy?

@just_a_frog @TorItUp @aral i looked it up and in the case of Finland, oomi oy's price model is market based and the green offering is a surcharge on top. It doesn't matter that renewables (100% of their source) aren't increasing. They're getting charged for the oil cost spike and then ALSO a premium on top to say they're using renewables. The worst. I assume Germany is similarly structured.

@just_a_frog @TorItUp @aral hetzner.com/unternehmen/umwelt they claim the German data center is 100% hydro, which would be unaffected by oil price

@kemonine @CarlCravens my dad once brought home a promotional VHS about rollerblades from the department store where he worked. They would play it on the TVs in the electronics section. We (kids) watched it on repeat. They were so cool.

That's right, we're listening to a radio dramatization of Call for the Dead by John le Carré


Tilderadio special stream starting in 1 minute! :D

Bored? I've got something special coming up in a few minutes on Tilderadio. Tune in at tilderadio.org and come chat with us in on irc.tilde.chat.

Boost away

I think my favorite "buy for life" purchase so far has been Backpacking Light. I picked up the unlimited lifetime membership over a decade ago and while I don't use it often, when the need comes for detailed knowledge on hiking and camping that's the go-to source. It's so handy!

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I like things that let me make lifetime purchases. This holds true even if I suspect a monthly or yearly charge is going to cost less over time for what I expect to use. The benefit of just "having it forever" outweighs a lot of that difference.

@EdS off the top of my head, no. i think it was slivery a couple nights ago, but i don't recall if that was waning or waxing. I'd guess half moon, waxing

i think I'd song Christmas songs with some loved ones.

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@anthra such confidence! From my seat at this bar I'm only confident within about 15°

If the word went out that all life was going to end in the next hour (assume a space worm is about to eat the planet), but you were the only one that got the message, how would you spend that hour?

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