@gemlog @satchlj @clacke @valhalla vaccinated people are 63-75% less likely to pass it on depending on which study and which variant. Here's one: medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/20

@gemlog @valhalla @clacke my under 40 friends who were infected ranged from light symptoms to horrible flu with lingering brain fog a year later to dead.

@gemlog @valhalla @clacke gotta remember, "barely effected" people are still transmitting and incubating. It's important those populations get the added protections to help prevent transmission to those who will be more drastically effected.

The younger populations travel more, interact with more people, and become an increasingly dangerous vector for vulnerable populations. Vaccines lower transmission directly and inderectly by helping those infected combat the virus more quickly.

And all that's just for those who ARE lucky enough to get a mild or non-existent reaction. There's still a lot of younger people getting seriously ill.

@stampirl impressive! i've just been using photopea.com, but it's good to see it's possible!

@owl our vax rate is so good! i didn't expect her to be a hold out but now that i think on it her Facebook is all crystal healing memes.

Son's friend's mom caught COVID. Turns out she's not vaxxed. *sigh*


My former boss speaks out sharing his personal struggles with mental health and work in the marketing industry. I'm so proud of his strength in sharing it. I'm sure this will help others talk about it and hopefully lower the stigma.

The AWS outtage today has impacted me in annoying ways utterly unrelated to work.

1. Audible books to download - inaccessible
2. Goodreads things to update - site down
3. Mattermost marketplace add-on to install - marketplace inaccessible


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@codeberg advice used to be no, then it changed to yes, now it depends on what you're building. Like everything JS-wise, it's a fragmented shit show

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@vantablack try the lutris install? that ran pretty well for me under Linux

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This looks like useful Product Warning material that should be prominently displayed in the Licence Agreements of all cloud services.

Especially if you don't live in the USA.


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re: craving for a food i've never eaten and can only imagine, the rugrats hanukkah episode 

@vantablack didn't they try to make cat food sound yummy too at one point?

Tilde Trivia begins in about 15 minutes. Come join us!

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