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Apparently I have some really good filters in place for POTUS, but none for the VEEP. Time to fix that

Gonna do some more retro streaming on twitch. I'm working through Zelda: A Link to the Past and I'm about 1/3rd of the way through.

Since time doesn't matter anymore does that mean I can listen to my Christmas music in October without people yelling at me?

My son made a stop motion video of Shin Godzilla. It's pretty cute and used kitchen spices for the city. He's very proud of it. Give it a watch!

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Haven't quite finished switching the Gemini implementation over to OpenSSL before I want to go to bed, but I think I got most the way there! There's sure to be some compilation errors for me to fix...

And with a quick call to inputStreamToHandle this actually made it *even* simpler to parse the Gemini response!

As I do that I'll look into supporting Trust On First Use self-signed certificates... Anyone with OpenSSL experience?

Night, night!

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If you enjoy radio drama, there's a live Sherlock Holmes adaptation streaming NOW

Going onto twitch to stream some Zelda: A link to the past.

username: 8bitino

Need some extra motivation to get focused today? Tune in to ten forward on tilderadio in 10 minutes. Let the Enterprise engine sounds drone you into your day.

Getting a scratchy throat. I'm also in quarantine because there was a positive case at my son's school. Hoping these two statements are unrelated

I'm fairly certain i'm streaming on twitch right now. My username is 8bitino

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Holy crap, thank you for your patience. KONPEITO is back online and the Fall tape is finally done!

I really dragged my heels on that one and for that I apologise but such is life.

Point your favorite Gemini browser at gemini:// to snag the tape and chill out.
#KONPEITO #gemini #LoFi

My browser extension for speed reading via RSVP has a big update today. I've added support for flankers.

This video shows you what they're all about:

Tried playing Nantucket. Did quite well and was on my way on a long journey that was going to pay for a new ship and bigger crew when I was set upon by pirates and obliterated. :(

Mastodon filters working wonders this morning

@solderpunk psst, check your certs on

I hit shuffle on my TNG and The Inner Light came up. WINNING!!!

(Also, I'm gonna cry)

Tonight: A Heinlein story that would go on to form the first half of "Orphans of the Sky".

Tune in at at 22:00UTC

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