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Just saw a bullshit headline claiming Disney lost $600M on the Black Widow film due to piracy. The BS napkin math on this is that it was downloaded 20 million times. Then the article declared that each download is somehow a lost Disney+ subscription with $30.

This is obviously ridiculous logic. There's no evidence that a pirated show would have been purchased if not downloaded, let alone that a platform subscription would have happened. Nor do we even know that 20 million downloads represents 20 million individuals.

This isn't a matter of technical ignorance. These facts aren't hard to understand. They're intentionally misrepresented to benefit rich companies that want penalty payments in lawsuits. What utter hogwash.

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Meditate for 10 minutes. Try a guided meditation if you have trouble staying focused.

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At 97% of the way to the TinyNES being funded! Only 3% left!!! The open hardware NES dream is NEARLY ALIVE!

Were you waiting to order to see if it would happen? Now YOU can MAKE it happen by being one of the next few orders!

Tonight I put together a guided prayer video of the Examen, a daily prayer from Ignatian spirituality. In the Examen we review our day piece by piece to try and identify God's presence and direction. We ask questions about how we responded to the events of the day, what temptations we faced and how we responded. Then we reflect on those and reset our mind and spirit to prepare to face the next day.

It's a quick 5-minute process that's usually prayed daily by Jesuits, sometimes twice a day. It was one of my favorite prayers when I was in religious life and I hope this video will make a nice introduction to someone else out there.


really suck. why do so many get posted?

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@tomasino #VSeeFace ( could also be worth checking out, though again, its focus seem to be on anime girls.
Looking at the #VRoid Model Hub you can probably also create some sort of lizard model with/for VRoid Studio

is there software that will use my webcam to do face detection and map my movements to a virtual 3D fake-face which outputs as a virtual cam? Basically, can I run a thing in the middle to make my face a lizard man or something in my roll20 games?

Cosmic's botany has been cleaned up. It's no longer showing the long history of dead or abandoned plants in the interface. I've also installed wilty ( for quick review of who needs watering in a hurry.

Oh score! I have some games i got on a couple years ago that I forgot I supported! Woo

Happy New Year from Iceland!

Here's a video I shot from our patio of the neighborhood fireworks. It was a bit less action than normal since the bonfires were cancelled, but I think our neighbors put in a decent showing.

It's 22:18 and very quiet so far. Normally we'd be deep in hour 5 of fireworkmegeddon. This year there's a few little isolated pockets setting things off, but nowhere near the levels i've come to expect. Last year we had similar restrictions in place but far more action. I guess people are tired.

Here's a video of what the fireworks in are like in a normal year:

I really need to spend time to grok zfs and develop a workflow for my personal use of it on my main laptop instead of just running "zfs-prune-snapshots 1w" every so often

All this Gregorian calendar junk hasn't been going so well recently. Are we about ready for Star Dates yet?

Are you listening? Every Tuesday and Thursday at 22:00UTC I stream old timey science fiction radio dramas. Tune in at

What did you do to dismantle capitalism today?

@lilithsaintcrow I'm about to binge the Jill Kismet series. Any soundtrack recommendations?

Free ebook I'm reading has inconsistent characterization and wish fulfillment all over the place. It's almost done though... gonna press on and finish so I can write a thorough review on Goodreads tomorrow.

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