Writing up set lists for "Mistreated Labor Day" (September 7) and if/when the city near me gets invaded by DHS for having the gall to voice an opinion contrary to that of the president. Let me know if you have any song ideas for either

So I finally got the SIM card for the today and tried using it as my daily driver on UBports. It's not entirely there yet for me but it's well on its way. Fix the shonky bits around wifi and texts and that's most of it

This afternoon I had to explain to a friend that his wife's old Chromebook is effectively disposable because once updates stop coming for it, it's near impossible to put anything else on it. He's got the laptop equivalent of a FlexPlay disc

Linux: keeping old computers usable since 1990

Gonna be a fun next little while. Home improvement stuff, fixing computers on weekends, internet drama, and this place falling down all around me. Fucking wonderful

Yes, it's actually called the Nyanalyzer and Clementine music player has it

@glove I don't know if you have a backup of your shows on anonradio but I've just made one in case you get unpersoned like snowdusk


masto instance for the tildeverse