Git over Scuttlebutt: git-ssb
The install guide is on Github but the code itself is on Scuttlebutt

Turns out Rokus are pretty easily controlled via GET and POST requests. Until there's actual app for it, I've slapped together a page to on my desktop for it. One less reason to need Android!

Some dodgy shit's going down around here. Some guys were driving around peeking in people's mailboxes

The Clemson football team needs some PPE. Turning Georgia Tech into a blue and yellow goop could expose them to all sorts of stuff

@gemlog There's a bump in the road for any Americans who are looking for Taskmaster. The CW channel bought the rights to season 8 so you have to go to their site instead of Invidious to watch it. This may bite you as well depending on what GeoIP says or your VPN endpoint

@TonyStark And the TV news site doesn't even mention that the extension was granted until you REALLY look for it, as I've just learned it was granted from you...

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@TonyStark A fiber line cut disrupted service to the State Board of Elections, among other agencies for 6 hours yesterday, which was the last day to register for the upcoming election. A lawsuit was filed last night to extend the deadline to make up for lost time:

I finally decided to install pihole on my desktop and discovered just how often the Roku is phoning home. Had I known that, I'd have installed this years ago


Fucking called it. Some asshole stole the sign out of my yard. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the neighbors


Commercial: Candidate A is too radical!
Me: Can they do a kick flip?


If my ballot doesn't make it 12 miles in 38 days, there's some serious fucking shenanigans going on here


Republicans to America: Bite the pillow. I'm going in dry

USpol, intentionally excessive swearing 

I can't even watch a football game without some motherfucking creep bringing up some fearmongering bullshit during the ad break. I might as well detach the damn antenna until after Election Day for my own mental health

@TonyStark List of early voting/absentee ballot dates for Virginia. You do not need a reason to request an absentee ballot in Virginia.

2020 hurricane season appears to be 2005 again but worse:

We already have Tropical Storm (predicted to be Hurricane) Sally and 2005 didn't have an S storm until October 1. Will we deplete the Greek alphabet naming storms?

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