I do not like referring to people who write code as 'engineers', but I did like this page I found in someone's profile earlier today.

"You might have already heard of a 10x engineer. Probably too often, actually. If there's such a thing as a 10x engineer, surely there must be a 1x engineer, too?
Of course there is! Let's dig into a non-exhaustive list of what qualities make up a 1x engineer."


@gemlog Process, electrical, software, and locomotive engineers are all vastly different things. Why they all get called "engineer" makes no sense

@trebach The title of 'engineer' is earned where I'm from. You need 4-5 years uni, then you work under someone else and you can't sign your own work for about another 4 years-ish or so. You are vetted not by your peers or the sales dept, but by your Betters. It's why bridges, building and planes (mostly) don't fall.
Here's alberta, but bc is similar apega.ca/enforcement/rights/
I've coded for decades, but I'm only qualified for hardware. Calling me an engineer would insult and cheapen real engineers.

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