Pinned toot server fucked up, and I'm in this server. Will add again the people I was following. Apologies for the confussion

don't worry. the mind control microchip they are injecting into you will work just as well as every other wireless device

1980 computer engineer: what if we make this thing, that allows people to communicate over the internet! we'll be able to write to each other much more efficiently, i can't wait to see how people will use our technology in 40 years

2021 fedi user: jkljtgkljalhasgflkhdsfgdsfgklj

Im learning common lisp, i wound up using sbcl just because it was there and looked pretty good. I looked at the man page (trying to figure out how to compile code instead of just interpret it if possible) and BAM

"Sbcl is an acronym that means Steel Bank Common Lisp, after steel and banking, where carnegie and mellon made the big bucks"


(Apologies for the redraft)

@ben everything correct in the tildeverse? I'm trying to push to tildegit, and nothing happens. takes too long to respond as well as

Apologies for using this channel, but don't know how to reach :(

I've wasted 1h figuring out why ale wasn't using eslint till I realized the .eslintrc file was broken.

This is me at my best 😒

#OtD 9 Apr 1914 Basque anarchist, feminist and civil war fighter Casilda Hernaez was born. Jailed for striking and again for radical activity, she then fought Franco and later helped the French and Spanish anti-fascist resistance movements

Today is the first #InternationalAsexualityDay and our mascot want's to spread the word and support all asexual people! :asexual_flag:

Light travels faster than sound, which is why some people appear clever until you hear them speak. -- Unknown

I've backed a pizza with pineapple simply because I want to see the world burn

First steps with docker compose + django + postgresql

Lol, I was too tired yesterday and fallen asleep 10 minutes after start watching. Today second chance 😅

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OK, time to make another check in my life:

Blade runner (director's cut)


✅​ First day at the beach
✅​ First day having a bath (12ºC)
✅​ First day with horrible pain in the legs due to the cold water
✅​ 6 yo kid had a bath (12ºC)

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