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I wrote a toot. It was a negative thing. I deleted it.

I prefer writing something positive: be kind to the others, we can improve this home we call earth.

Have a nice day you all 🤗

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#Introduction / #reintroduction 

This is Txus (he/him) white cis male located in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain.

I work as software developer.

I like videogames, a lot. Currently I'm with Destiny 2, and Animal crossing New leaf.

I also like sports: I'm black belt in . I swim a lot, and enjoy long walks.

Finally, I'm a huge fan of astrology, space and science.

Hope you all find a nice place here in the fediverse: it's so inspiring for me

Pinned post server fucked up, and I'm in this server. Will add again the people I was following. Apologies for the confussion

Perhaps you non-finnish people haven't heard of the beautiful word 'multipasking', which is multitasking but combined with the finnish word 'paska', which means shit. The meaning of 'multipasking' is, of course, obvious.

cmus has decided that it was time to listen to "Fear of the Dark".


Nothing like some Friday night hacking whilst listening to "The four seasons" by Vivaldi, in the balcony, with no sounds around but the rain and wind.

$DEITY bless silence

I came up to that point where the commit will be HUGE 😅​

I'm not a native English speaker. Using "they" as pronoun for a single person makes reading more difficult for me.

(Friendly reminder that basque language has no gender in words, so many problems are solved by default :D)

I'm specially proud of yesterday's achievement: I swum 4,2km in open waters. 1h12m spent. And I had the feeling I could keep on swimming.

This is the longest distance I've ever swum in open waters.

I wonder how many people who CANNOT code are working as #MachineLearning experts out there.

If not us, then who?

If not now, then when?

Yesterday has already gone.

Glad you followed back @ericbuijs, my previous instance went offline and I lost all my contacts.

I was able to follow again some people, but others I'm afraid I lost, unless someone boosts some status (the case I was able to find you again)

Samsung can deactivate remotely your TV. Apple opens a door on your phone because you could be potentially a bad guy, Google spies on everything you do or say. So this is the new thing, uh? Well, I see my future me using an ungoogled phone, a CRT TV, a rescued dot matrix printer and a spartan GNU/Linux system. The more I know about the modern technology, the less I like it. #privacy

Moving a huge cjs codebase to esm and being able to call it directly from unbundled esm code running in the browser is driving me mad

At this moment of my life, I need more nature and less city

First night without kids, only adults, in 3 years or so.

Call me bad father, but I enjoyed it sooooo much

A gentle reminder that people who work on free code, and other free-of-charge projects, are volunteers, creating and maintaining infrastructure we use every day in their precious spare time. Please be kind to them. Giving them praise and encouragement, as well as complaints and requests, will make their volunteer work more rewarding and more sustainable. You might also find it makes *you* feel better about your interactions with them.

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what pathfinding algorithm did the 3 wise men use to find their way to meet the baby jesus 


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The company behind the #wire messenger apparently looks for a contractor to free their app from #Google dependencies and bring it to @fdroidorg finally.

@fossjobs_net #fossjobs #fdroid

Is anyone here interested in developing with me a #Python + #GTK app for the #Gnome desktop that addresses the #Nextcloud #Password API? The goal is to develop for #libhandy, so for the #Linux phones like the #Librem5 or #PinePhone. Please feel free to boost.

Yesterday was my first night of observation. I think I will never forget my first ocular view of saturn.

What a night. It made me feel small, and part of the universe.

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