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I wrote a toot. It was a negative thing. I deleted it.

I prefer writing something positive: be kind to the others, we can improve this home we call earth.

Have a nice day you all 🤗

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#Introduction / #reintroduction 

This is Txus (he/him) white cis male located in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain.

I work as software developer.

I like videogames, a lot. Currently I'm with Destiny 2, and Animal crossing New leaf.

I also like sports: I'm black belt in . I swim a lot, and enjoy long walks.

Finally, I'm a huge fan of astrology, space and science.

Hope you all find a nice place here in the fediverse: it's so inspiring for me

Pinned post server fucked up, and I'm in this server. Will add again the people I was following. Apologies for the confussion

Dear fediverse,

Anyone using an android phone, how do you sync non Google play apps and, more importantly, its configuration?

I'm going to use another android phone, and I would like to sync everything.

Thanks for your time, as always

Some years ago I knew some people at FLOSS group from my uni.

20 years later, i can share with some of them some of my deepest fears and thoughts.

I think it has been one of the best things it happened to me. It took some time to appreciate the impact these geeks have had in me.

You f***ing rock 🤘

A great summary of the nature and problems of #web3 and #nft and how it re-centralizes the internet by promising decentralization:

Also, some good thoughts about how to design a better Internet and better technologies in general.

According to basque government:

50 people or more inside a bar, without masks ✅
2kids from different classes wearing a mask, outdoor playing ❌

Pros to being Nazgul:

* Goth aesthetic
* Can't be seen during the day
* Has a small group of friends he can count on
* Here to destroy the world of men

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Happy new year fediverse!

You have been awesome. Your toots/posts have been very inspiring for me.

I've laughed, even cried with you, lovely group of souls. You show me door's to worlds I can't even imagine.

I've seen some transitions from you, from the distance, trying to learn as much as I could. Thanks for sharing such deep and personal feelings.

You all are a gift, a fresh air in the middle of this violent nonsense.

Thank you, from another worldizen. And happy and healthy 2022 😘

Germany removes nuclear energy to burn coal and gas.
UK exits EU because "they're robbing us"

I've the feeling that society is taking decisions not rooted in strong arguments, or better said, fake-informed.

For me, this problems can be solved with better education, mainly. But how can we revert this tendency?

Santa brought me Gloomhaven, but I've watched the James Webb launch live show... Twice 😅

Hot take: I think the government should support and donate to Mozilla. Firefox could be the people's browser. Free. Open source. Available to all. The government could mandate that all websites built for the government must work with Firefox. Ideally, Mozilla could stop taking Google money and stop trying to figure out how to serve us ads in order to raise funds. Is anyone advocating for such an idea?

The Rust programming language solves many hard problems, but it doesn't solve the problem of large corporations being able to hire legions of cheap copy pasta programmers easily.

I really really really hope James Webb will be OK. Please.

We need more science, more knowledge. What kind of beauties are we gonna find?

Next month and a half will be great, starting the 23rd of December

Yesterday I saw the update of a planetarium, and it has been been one of the geekiest thing I've ever seen

Halo infinite has been worth the wait.

That's a piece of campaign

yeah, i know firefox sucks, but year is ending, and I usually donate to several projects than enhance the privacy, and those I use on a daily basis.

disroot, and firefox are my targets.

Which are yours? Do you have any other preferences?

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