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I wrote a toot. It was a negative thing. I deleted it.

I prefer writing something positive: be kind to the others, we can improve this home we call earth.

Have a nice day you all 🤗

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#Introduction / #reintroduction 

This is Txus (he/him) white cis male located in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain.

I work as software developer.

I like videogames, a lot. Currently I'm with Destiny 2, and Animal crossing New leaf.

I also like sports: I'm black belt in . I swim a lot, and enjoy long walks.

Finally, I'm a huge fan of astrology, space and science.

Hope you all find a nice place here in the fediverse: it's so inspiring for me

Pinned post server fucked up, and I'm in this server. Will add again the people I was following. Apologies for the confussion

🖱️🎮Naiz Irratia|n bideojokoak lantzen dituen GEIrratsaio|ko ikasturteko azken atala gaur grabatuko dugu!

18:30ean hasiko gara gure Twitcheko kanalean. Gaur gonbidatu berezia izango dugu: @txusinho!

Berarekin batera bideojokozale guztiok inoiz eztabaidatu dugun gai bati buruz hitz egingo dugu!

#Bideojokoak #Euskara #Irratsaioa

im having a good time Online because i insist on using it as a system for long-range electronic communication with other living beings rather than as an algorithmically-curated haunted house

Really super glad we are finally publishing a first, experimental Linux build of

This update is the result of a huge ongoing effort, pushing the envelope of so many different fronts!
RT @beamng
Version 0.25 is here to spark your passion!

🏎️ brand-new Civetta Scintilla
🚧 the return of Garage Mode
🚥 nearly 100 new missions

and so much more! ⤵️

Today was the party of the public school (ikastola) of my kids.

When I was young, I was always volunteering in these kind of things. Today has been a long day, very tired now. But happy as f**k.

Kids and parents we all shared outdoor games, the lunch, and a disco party. Lots of fun and very very happy to have been part of all this.

Gora Intxixu ikastola!

I've experienced for the first time the "legacy" thing in Gloomhaven. I must say I am überexcited about using this new character in our group.

Trust me I try to understand lots of posts from the lgtbiq+ community: gender feeling, sexuality, romantic feelings, but it's so hard to me to understand the meaning of your words.

I will just say I support all of you, and your feelings. And I'm happy you all find a way to define yourselves.

There are tough problems in life. Who you are shouldn't be one of them.

Lots of hugs 🤗

DID YOU KNOW? Under the hood your browser refers to itself as a “user agent,” because it is a remnant from a time when we believed the point of software was to make our lives easier, rather than to trick us into buying things we don’t need and infect us with the rage virus

in order to view these images you have to install Windows 11 and then download a docker container with a Node.js server that you connect to using the latest version of chrome that renders the image to a canvas. you cant view the image locally since that would violate a same-origin policy, but thankfully the rendering is done remotely on a google GPU somewhere in the cloud, using a new standard called 'WebGPUThatsSomewhereInTheCloud' which is already obsolete and has been replaced with 'WebPCI-e'

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This is not an update.
All systems running perfectly 🙂👌

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It's medical test o'clock.

No more updates on this will be a good sign 🙈

Today I pushed up the code for the first version of a new project - youTranscript - a light-weight frontend for youTube that shows you the transcript of a video instead of the video itself.

This is useful when you just want to skim a video and don't want to watch a 30 minute video when you just want to find out the answer to their click-bait headline.

Thanks to @twizzay for the idea on this one.

If you have other options, don't buy Starlink. If that's your only viable option, please tell them, as a customer, that you care about keeping Low Earth Orbit safe for use for the future, and that you care about dark night skies.

There is a LOT more that these fantastically talented engineers could be doing to make the satellites darker and to use fewer of them to provide service. But they will only do that if it's a priority for their employer.

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The sun is an eldritch horror.

Inconceivably old, will last for an equally inconceivable amount of time.

Effectively eternal from our perspective.

Looking at it directly will destroy your eyesight.

Unapproachable, at risk of complete immolation.

Incomprehensible and alien.

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