NZ Covid hard lockdown, day 12 activity... Dogs demonstrate that it's entirely possible to be noble... without being dignified...

Is NZ currently in hard lockdown? 😔

I hope get better soon. Still long road to reach herd immunity?

@txusinho Thanks. Yes, we're in hard lockdown. While we want herd immunity, too, unlike just about anywhere else, we're still angling for total elimination in NZ. We've only had a few thousand cases of Covid in NZ so far, mostly in managed isolation (people returning to NZ from overseas Covid hotspots) and about 50 deaths... so we're still hopeful, but this is now the Delta variant that's had a bit of community transmission (but only in a couple regions).

I see. I hope mental health doesn't suffer too much. There's a hard balance to keep there.

In Spain lots of thing hasn't been done correctly, in terms of isolation and lockdown (I think it's a too complex problem, and hard to have an opinion on this subject), but at least vaccination is on fire, and that's my hope.

Keep strong, we all together in this 🤗

@txusinho thanks - I'm definitely one of the fortunate ones - a secure job (I worked from home for the past 5 years), a new home, lots of nice outdoor areas, and a stable family life. Plus, my wife and I are fully vaccinated. I feel sad for those who don't have that here (or anywhere)...


I have a friend who is a doctor (x-ray operator) and this last year he is watching a lot of people with very strange pathologies.

His bet is mental health is suffering as much as "regular health"

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