I have not had a long weekend since Christmas and I swear to you this: if I ever again run my own company, there will be a guaranteed long weekend every single month.

For Example:
Jan - MLK Day
Feb - President's Day
Mar - Daylight Savings Monday
Apr - Easter
May - Memorial Day
Jun - Solstice Weekend
Jul - 4th of July
Aug - National Relaxation Day
Sep - Labor Day
Oct - Indigenous People's Day
Nov - Thanksgiving + Fri
Dec - Xmas Eve + Day

(actually I'd probably just shut the company down from 12/24 to 1/2)


@cwbuecheler My current employer actually does this, and it’s as good as you’d imagine. Everywhere else I’ve ever worked that week is useless anyway. Of course, this way we still have a useless week but it’s the week before.

I think most employers are in general way too worried about quantity over quality. Study after study show that happy, rested employees do better work. Giving lots of holidays and closing down during the week where the vast majority of America is off the clock anyway just seems like a no-brainer.

@cwbuecheler Oh yeah for sure. I think as a society we're way overdue for the whole notion of expecting knowledge workers to stick to an industrial-era factory floor shift schedule to be thoroughly re-examined

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