Note to self: a few questions to ask yourself more often (like, at least a few times a day): what is it exactly you are trying to deliver next? can you think of what it takes to get to the goal in the smallest doable little chunks? what is the next little chunk that you can get started on right now? After this it still might be hard to get started. In that case, one more question: how will you know when you’re done with the first chunk?

I’ll admit I get a bit stuck at my desk sometimes when I’m trying to work. Sometimes I just legit need some time to think about a problem, and at those times I suppose I’m not even really stuck, even though it does still feel like it. But I think it often happens because I haven’t paused to get crisp answers to these questions, which I think are needed for direction and focus.

It can be hard to discern in these situations, because the anxiety I have when stumped by a problem *feels* very similar to how it feels when I’m fuzzy on the meta-problem of knowing what problem I should be working on


All of which I suppose comes back in a way to the old Drucker thing about knowledge workers having to manage themselves as well as do their jobs. I think lately for some reason I have a heightened awareness of the like cognitive load impact and productivity drag that introduces, even just from all the context-switching across various levels of thinking about my work. I think it’s something I always struggle with, and I don’t know what to do about it, but I do find it feels better just to have a little better insight into my situation with all this.

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