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I don’t even really know exactly what I mean by this, but there’s something about Conan O’Brien and Billy Corgan where they remind me of each other. It’s as though Conan is the Billy Corgan of talk show hosts, while William is the Conan O’Brien of alt-rock singer-guitarists.

I have a similar thing with Penn & Teller and They Might Be Giants

“due to the capital required to build AI at scale and the ways of seeing that it optimizes AI systems are ultimately designed to serve existing dominant interests. In this sense, artificial intelligence is a registry of power.”
— Kate Crawford, _The Atlas of AI_

"Toute idée fausse finit dans le sang, mais il s'agit toujours du sang des autres. C'est ce qui explique que certains de nos philosophes se sentent à l'aise pour dire n'importe quoi." – Albert Camus, _Actuelles I_, 1950

Got some ink for my birthday. An important reminder to myself

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how do people write js and not lose their mind in the process? i dont understand?

“The forward thrust of satipaṭṭhāna towards liberation does not require keeping the mind free from concepts. The main task is to cultivate a free mind even in the presence of concepts.”

– Analayo, _Satipatthana Meditation_

Preorders for new non-fiction best-seller _Middlebrow Insight: Mildly Surprising Advice for Middle-Managers with Pretensions to Philosophy_ being taken somewhere, soon I’m certain

I’m on a Bartleby, the Scrivener vibe tonight, about going to bed at a reasonable hour. Gonna stay up and listen to some chill trippy music on headphones for a while


How’s *your* weekend going? 🤩🌱☀️

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It’s an _outstanding_ day to grab a sly vape pen, and sip from it discreetly as you stroll around the botanic gardens

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However smart you are is exactly however smart you are. Smartness is caused by whatever factor(s) cause it. Amount of smarts is just one characteristic of a person among other characteristics of a person.

Smart has no connection to your own understanding of good or bad, right or wrong. You know jerks who are smart and great people who are not smart. You yourself have been both a jerk & great at different times.

Smart is over-rated. It is not a virtue.

Only virtue matters. Act on your virtues.

"I'm actually a character from anime!" - Patti Smith

Patti and her band kicking off with “Redondo Beach”

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that story where the guy turns into a bug but he wakes up and goes "fucking dope I'm a fly this is neat"

Sitting outside between the 1st and 2nd holes of the Canal Shore Golf Course in Evanston, Illinois, listening to Gregory Alan Isakov being gorgeous opening for Patti Smith. Now, this may be an exceptionally good example, but godDAMNit after all the pandemic time (not even over of course) just hearing some live music is **SO** good. Like being back in bed with an old lover you’ve been apart from for a long time. For too long


ngl I love the smell of Milorganite

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