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Hi. Let's call this an post. Why not?

For now this is an alt I'm not going to acknowledge from other accounts. Gonna see if I can let my hair down a little bit more politically speaking and maybe personally too maybe.

Not going to commit to keeping posts up but I only have vague thoughts now about going back and purging old ones eventually. Try not to hoard them, though, let's stay in the moment.

going into fundie spaces to stan the imminent Rupture, as a bit

no, no, it's u not a because God tears us away from this fallen world

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PSA: how to avoid US GOTV spam 

As we approach peak electioneering season, here's a reminder of how to limit all the postcards, phone calls, door-knocking, satellite mind control beams, etc., begging you to vote.

Vote on the first day it is physically possible for you to do so. Do it at an early voting site or put your ballot in a drop box.

Campaigns get regular "who's voted" updates from election officials and as soon as your ballot is marked complete, they will leave you the fuck alone.

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covid apps boosts++ 

If you see/hear about/have FOIA'd Covid contact tracing app source code, do me a favor and help me collect them?

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Spotify algorithm stop trying to make me listen to “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea,” I have heard it, you have made me thoroughly aware of it, you may rest

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My old #studio is now up for rent in #Limehouse. Its right on the cycle route, in a very cool building. Its properly set up for sound. The studio is part of a collective. There is some shared space including a nice kitchen and a couple of pianos. The collective feels like a proper arts community.

The room itself is small and has no windows, so it's good for somebody who wants to do mixing or record electronic sounds.

I moved to be closer to my house and have windows.

DM me for more info.

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One of the sad things about not being a straight cis dude is that so many cultures and places are basically closed to you; not to say that all of the individual *people* in those cultures and places would reject or persecute you, but you sadly can’t meet the people who wouldn’t, because you really can’t go there

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uspol reminder 

there's a lot of misinformation spreading about the Trump COVID-19 story, remember to check your sources folks

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The next Q&A on Using federated instances as discussion communities starts in 5 minutes:

#apconf2020 @jmanumeza

irony posting by the privileged is appropriation

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Wow, the Alpes-Maritime region of France was hit hard by the storm that circled in from the Atlantic. Homes literally washed away in the swelled up Vésubie and villages cut in half with no roads left to get in or out.

sincere posting is privilege, pass it on

meta, COVID shaming, Social Dilemma, etc 

ok, deleted my rant about Twitter, pro/anti wishing ill of politicians, Social Dilemma, self-hosters

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re: Birbsite crosspost 


shhh. they're working hard trying to figure out what lies they're going to go with

Mr. Fuck It We'll Do It Live is not available or haven't you heard

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children's books which are primarily concerned with the conflict between children trying to flout rules and adults trying to enforce them are perversions meant to appeal to authority-minded adults. the only good one is Where the Wild Things Are because it's really about the joy of chaos.

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weird that a bunch of western governments are trying to ban anti-racist education. i wonder why they are doing that

re: cursing a bank 

me: Fuck. You.

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cursing a bank 

bank: "Here are three things you can do to help protect your home network from cyber ...

Understand how your security cameras, connected appliances and media streaming devices collect and use your personal information."

If I were a bank customer who had to look for infosec help from a US bank that doesn't follow NIST password expiry recommendations (which are generally "don't force it") I would just understand how all of the IoT gizmos in my house worked.

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