The woodcarver David Fisher consistently has quality posts on his blog, here's another one

I wish English had a word for that feeling when you like the first book in a trilogy, can't stand the second, and then read the spoiler reviews for the third.

Why did I not learn Ctrl-r in the terminal years ago.

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RIP Klaus Schulze. He collaborated with Lisa Gerrard later in his career, and that sent me back to the beginning....

Social Housing is publicly owned, permanently affordable, creates cross-class communities and renter leadership.

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hey #emacs folks: is there a way to get a Mac Finder-like preview of audio files in emacs? what I'm imagining is using dired and then when you select an audio file, a new frame or buffer appears and plays the audio. if you move to a different audio file, the player stops and plays the new file

my use case is browsing my audio sample library
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hey! I wrote a pretty thorough guide on making really good kombucha. I figured after 46 batches it would be cool to share what I've learned.

Making delicious kombucha is easy, cheap, and anyone can do it. You can make it just the way you want it. And there's nothing like enjoying your own homebrew!

Boosts appreciated :blobcat_love:
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I'm slowly starting to do some preliminary research and gather resources on sustainable and resilient home building and renovation for a long term life project of mine, is there by any chance anyone on here who has any experience with that, I'm looking specifically for resources oriented towards old houses, boosts welcome :)

alpine linux qemu sway yakshaving 

After an evening of typing, searching, quitting and restarting, I've learned this lesson one more time:

When doing something new in , (1) Update your packages and (2) follow the directions.

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