Saying that a service is free is one of the worst excuses to use it.

When your plan is composed of many subplans and one of them keeps changing and making your project harder and harder.

Tip: go here for code charts instead of

One-line python command thing for aesthetic/fullwidth-style text:

python3 -c "import sys;print(''.join([chr(ord(c)+65248)if ord(c)>32 else c for c in sys.argv[1]]))" "<your text here>"

Seeing a modern 2010s Line Rider video seems so surreal. So crisp and fluid. Like obviously most modern gaming videos, but all the older videos that I've seen in the past are from before the 2010s.

The Unicode block "Symbols for Legacy Computing" would be really cool to use once most of the major terminal emulators start supporting it (especially those "sixels").

Tired of having to use online websites for things that I definitely shouldn't have to go online for.

One particular example that comes to mind is Unicode character searching. I plan on writing an offline database search tool for this.

I should build an alarm clock that runs on Kubernetes.

Each number will be a separate display run by a separate computer, there will be a pod with several instances of a docker image that queries a central database for the time, extracts the number (configurable per-image) and displays it. That part will be written in Node.js with hundreds of dependencies pulled in. They'll also be wired up to an Nginx ingress controller and I can leverage all of the instances to efficiently display the time anywhere on my systems by heading to a special URL. Also there'll be a dedicated computer running another Docker image that queries the time from an unnamed global time API service and communicates this info to all the other instances with a customized protobuf format, encrypted with TLS self-signed certificates.

I can't wait for the day that I get to delete my Google account.

Wish I had the time to tear apart everything and build it all from scratch.

It's extremely convenient for a FOSS project to have a Quick-Initially-But-Insanely-Slow-Due-To-Weird-Hard-To-Solve-Quirks Start guide.

So the widely cited percentage estimation for the ace population seems to be 1%, but this makes me curious as to what percentage of people are ace but don't realize they're ace.

Now obviously you can't really measure that because you can't ask everyone a question about something they don't know about. But it's more of a thought experiment than anything.

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Immediately realized afterwards that I don't need an IRC server, I can just have people DM me through Mastodon lol.

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Seems like so much work to set up an IRC server.

Like I just want something to talk to people that isn't centralized, and each user requires an account made by an admin.

For every GIF someone posts in Discord, my progress on exiting Discord happens quicker.

Life is like trying to run in a dream.

The only thing that's fast is your mind. Everything else goes as slow as a snail.

Someday I'm gonna make a messaging service that's like Discord, but the ONLY thing you can message people are GIFs. And they have to be animated too.

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Why send someone a message in plain text when you can disregard accessibility and text-based interfaces by sending them a GIF of somebody saying that message over and over and over again to the point where it's distracting and quite frankly awkward to watch after 3.26 seconds?

TFW a piece of software you wrote is so complex that even you forget all the features that it has.

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