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What if I told you there was a bitmap that:

  • Came in three weights
  • Is friendly for traditional 8x8 spritesheets
  • Provides 2 sets of upper and lower case letters each weight
  • Has small caps (as a result of the previous one)
  • Has alternate characters

I might work on it a little more, but I'm putting it in the public domain so anyone is free to use it as it is right now. (Unlike most bitmap fonts so far, I've worked on this one for much longer than a day.)

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New blog / gemlog post:

How to Browse the Web (Properly) (v1)

Eight concepts that describe my idea of an ideal web browsing software.


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(fairly late but whatever)

i'm some male (M A I L) being (aroace) that does any of the following: lots of random things, making , modding servers, video processing, touching for random vfx things, some graphic design, reading technical documents, thinking about optimization algorithms, being overly ambitious, thinking about , the , minimalism, , and lots of other things

lately been thinking about music making too.

i'm a diehard and user (also ftw), but also have a 10 computer and an m1 mini (air-gapped).

i touch imperative languages mostly ( ) but functional programming sounds cool

also, i have a website:
i use too: gemini://
i dump ideas in there sometimes. new content every week.

open to ideas and collaborations.


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Ever wanted to advertise your proprietary freeware but couldn't be like the crappy cool "freeware" companies? Fear no more! This Generic Free Software Advertising Kit is here to help you!

Download your copy today, and you'll get an entire page template and a carefully curated set of best tips to market your software!


I think I've gotten to the point where I start to see typeface ideas in my dreams.

Why is it so hard to find good people to follow on Mastodon? Seems like almost everyone either talks about politics or extremely uninteresting things.

So ever since I switched to Ubuntu Desktop, I can't seem to log into SSH anymore. I just keep getting signing failed for RSA "..." from agent: agent refused operation.

Maybe a permissions issue or something?

fully qualified domain names imply the existence of somewhat qualified domain names

or even fully disqualified domain names

I'm asking because I'm interested in designing typefaces for more obscure formats where typefaces are currently lacking.

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Are there any obscure media formats for which typefaces are currently lacking (because they can't use something like OpenType)? For example, how Minecraft uses its own font system (it supports TrueType but it's complete trash, it's still better to draw bitmaps).

Designing a typeface specifically for the tildeverse would be half-interesting to do.

This does make me wonder about when manual hinting is still a necessity. Perhaps for sufficiently complex outlines (although if you go complex enough hinting won't do you any good at all). Designers will talk about doing the hinting as they tweak the outlines, or perform the hinting after the outlines are finished. I personally use the autohinter to fine-tune the placement of my outlines, since the autohinter is brutally mathematical.

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To be clear, TrueType autohinting can actually work quite well. I'm using it on one of my text typefaces and it performs almost flawlessly.

PostScript autohinting seems to be a different story though.

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Or maybe if that's because their hinting just sucks. There's a few that have drawing issues as well, regardless of whether or not they had hinting.

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Quite a few typefaces on smaller foundries' websites have some technical issues. Makes me wonder if that's because FreeType's autohinting is kicking in.

"Stemming from a commission for retail distribution group Carrefour, Origin Super Condensed fulfilled France’s legal requirement that a food’s geographical origin must be the same point size as its price."

(Sourced from

Is that actually a legit law? How did that come about?

It's interesting how each type designer has their own peculiarities about how they approach the design of certain letters. You can look at a typeface and see how it might be drawn by a particular person.

For example, Adrian Frutiger likes to draw his Qs with a completely horizontal tail at the baseline that extends from the O. You see this in at least Univers, Frutiger, Avenir, Egyptienne, and Serifa. Meridien is the only exception I know of.

There's gotta be someone out there in the world that enjoys naming their typefaces....

There seems to be one excellent use case for FontForge though: pixel typefaces.

So I'm trying out FontForge again for the first time in a while... and I don't like it anymore. The interface is weird and annoying, and is definitely inferior to Glyphs. I just can't work as quickly.

A bit unfortunate that people on fedi account lists like Trunk have hardly anything to do with the categories they put themselves on.

How did I forget "OpenType" and "TrueType", the very names of the de facto font technologies?

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FontShop's setup with Cloudflare is really out of whack. It keeps tempbanning me even with just a regular tab.

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